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Set Release Conditions for Learning Materials 

Release conditions are a set of created predefined conditions, that when met allow or prevent the user from taking a particular action. This can be used to create a custom learning path through a unit space. For example: Creating a release condition on session two that requires all of session one to be completed before moving on. Depth can be added to the unit by adding multiple release conditions.

Release conditions can be used on the following tools:

  • Checklists and news items
  • Content modules and topics
  • Discussion forums and topics
  • Assessment items such the dropbox, quizzes and surveys
  • Grade items 

Once a user meets a release condition, the condition is cleared for that user and cannot be reset. For example, if you attach a release condition to a discussion topic requiring users to achieve more than 60% on a quiz before they can access that topic, and one of your participants receives 72% on the quiz but you adjust their grade to 55% they will be able to access the topic because they did meet the requirement at some point. 

This help guide will walk you through adding a release condition to a content module:


Step One: Accessing Release Conditions

1. Access the VU Collaborate space in which you would like to add release conditions. 
2. Click Learning Space (1) on the Navigation bar.
3. Select the Module (2) that you wish to add release conditions to. 
4. Select Add restrictions (3) found below the main module title.

adding restritings to week 1 module

5. (Optional) Add dates (1) that control when the item is made available.
Select Add start date to enter when the item is available, Add due date to add the due date and Add end date to enter the final date that the item will be visible.

6. Below this, there are two options for release conditions, Create (A) or Browse (B)

release contidion dates create or browse


7. If you have created previous conditions that you would like to reuse, you can select Browse. This will open a list of your prior conditions. Select All Tools to filter your conditions. Then tick on the box next to the condition you would like to reuse and lastly select Attach

5. attaching existing conditions


8. To create a new release condition, Select Create


Step Two: Creating Release Conditions

1. Open the Select Condition Type dropdown menu. This menu has a variety of options to choose from. Scroll through to see what is available and select your option. 

For the purpose of this example, select Grade Value on a Grade Item. These options are very specific. If Incomplete Checklist is selected, for instance, a student may only complete your content item if they currently have an incomplete checklist. 

Creating Release Conditions 1

2. Click Select Grade Item to choose which grade item that the student is required to receive a mark for, to be able to complete this content.

For more information on Grade Items, see Creating a Grade Item

Creating Release Conditions 2

3. Under Criteria, select the grade range expected of the student to meet the condition.

Creating Release Conditions 3

Enter the Grade as a percentage if required.

4. Select Create when you are done.

Creating Release Conditions 4

5. You will then return to the Content in the Learning Space. The release condition will be visible below it. You can select the "X" to the right of it to remove it from this item. 

Creating Release Conditions 5

6. The Release Conditions dropdown menu will also be visible. You can have more than one release condition attached.

Whether you have one or more release conditions, you need to select All Conditions must be met (every release condition) or Any conditions must be met (one or more of the release conditions). Once complete, click Update

Creating Release Conditions 6

7. Your release conditions are now saved. You can select them again at any time to edit, remove, create new or attach a different condition.

For this example, a student would need to have a graded input greater than or equal to 50% for MC Quiz 1 in order to view the module Week 2 Motorcycle Roadcraft.

Creating Release Conditions 7 

8. Select the picture below to see a video showing how to create release conditions for groups and sections.

This is not one of our lovely professionally done videos, just a quick demonstration. 

creating release conditions


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