Quiz Tools

Create a quiz, survey, or self-assessment, review the results, and see class statistics.

Creating a Survey

A survey is a data collection tool available on VU Collaborate which can be used to gather information from students. 

This guide will show you how to create a survey in VU Collaborate.

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Create a new Survey

1. In a space on the navbar, select Space Admin, then Surveys.

from space admin select survey

2. Select New Survey

new surevey btn

3. Provide a name for the survey. For example: Feedback Survey.

enter a name


Add Questions

4. Select Add/Edit Questions

select add edit questions

5. Click on New and select the question type you would like to add.
For more information on the most frequently used questions, refer to the following guides:

select new and select a question type

Survey questions do not require point allocation or selecting correct answers.

6. Continue adding questions, when complete select Done Editing Questions to return to the Edit Survey - Feedback Survey page. 

select done editing questions

7. Review your survey, when completed select Save and Close.

select save and close


Add your Survey as an Activity

1. Go to the module where you would like to place your survey.

2. Click Add Activities, then select Surveys.

in a module select add activties then survey

3. Select the survey you would like added. For example: Feedback Survey.

4. Your survey will be added to your module. 

survey added to a module

5. When ready to make available, from the survey drop-down menu, select Make Visible to Users.

make visible to users



Further Support

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