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Marking with Rubrics in the Dropbox

Marking with a rubric, allows you to grade assessment tasks by selecting performance levels achieved on a pre-defined set of criteria.


To see a short video on How to Mark Assessments in the Dropbox Using a Rubric, see the video below:

This guide will take you through the steps to mark with a rubric:

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Step One: Go to the Assessment Dropbox folder

1. In your unit space on the navigation bar, select Assessments then Dropbox

Select Assessments then Dropbox from the navigation menu

2. In the Assessment Dropbox Folder select the assessment name.

Select an assessment dropbox folder

Step Two: Go to the submission evaluation view

In the Assessment folder you will see a list of students and their submissions. Select the submission file name to enter the evaluation view.

dropbox submissions

The evaluation view has three main areas (1) Navigation, (2) Document view, and (3) Evaluation panel.
On the evaluation panel, you will find 3(a) Rubrics.

evaluation view


Step Three: Mark with the Rubric

There are two options to view and mark with a rubric:

  • Expand view - view and mark with the rubric in-line with the assessment submission
  • Pop-up window view - view and mark with the entire rubric in a new pop-out window


Option 1 - Using the Expanded View

1. Click the rubric name or arrow to expand.

expand rubric 100

For each criterion, hover over the scale levels to read the description, then (1) select the performance level achieved.
The (2) criterion score will be displayed under the scale and the (3) Total Score will be update.

select performance levels

On selecting a performance level the default value will be selected, this can be manually adjusted.
In the example below, the credit range is (12-13.9 points), the default value is the mid-point (13 points), this has been adjusted up to (13.5 points).

criteria adjust score

Adjusted points will be displayed with an asterisk. To return to the default value select the Clear Override.

criteria clear override

If required, select Add Feedback, to add specific feedback for a criterion.

criteria add feedback 100

When all the criteria have been scored, the (2) Overall Score will automatically be selected.
If there is no tick in the Overall Score, go back to find the criteria has not yet been marked.

total and overall score 1

You can also check if any criteria haven't been marked by scrolling to the top of the rubric, and then clicking the rubric name or arrow to collapse the rubric.

collapse rubric 100

If the rubric feedback is not complete, the number of unscored criteria will appear on the tile after collapsing.

rubric collapsed view criteria not scored

When all criteria are selected the performance level achieved will be displayed

rubric collapsed view marked



Option 2 - Using the Pop-up Window

1. Click the new window icon, on the top right-hand side of the rubric.

pop out rubric 100

2. A pop-up window of the rubric will now appear.

  1. Select a criterion box to choose the relevant performance level and score for each criterion.
  2. The default criterion score will automatically be displayed
  3. Select and adjust the score if required
  4. Adjusted scores will be displayed with an asterisk, click clear override to return to the default score
  5. If required, select Add Feedback, to add specific feedback for a criterion.

Grading with a pop-out window rubric

All scores and feedback are saved automatically as you progress through the rubric.

3. Scroll to the bottom of your window. If the overall score has not been automatically selected, go back and find any criteria that have not been marked.

pop out rubric not all criterion graded

4. Review and close:

  1. Check that the Overall score has been selected
  2. Review the total score, then
  3. Click Close

pop out rubric all graded


Step Four: Provide Overall Feedback, then Save or Publish

After completing the rubric feedback, you will have an option to provide additional Overall Feedback relating to the submission with

  1. written feedback
  2. file upload, links, audio recordings and video recordings.

overall feedback

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and, depending on your preference, select either Publish ( the student will see their mark ) or Save Draft ( the rubric will be saved with the allocated mark; however, the student will not be able to view their result ). 

publish or save draft

4. In an instance where a rubric is only partially evaluated, you will see a confirmation prompt when you attempt to publish or bulk publish the feedback for that assessment. 

Continue Grading and Publish Anyway icon   New Confirmation interfaces for bulk publish feedback


Additional Information

What do students see when they view their rubric?

The student view of the graded rubric is similar to the pop-up window view. This view includes:

  1. Performance level achieved
  2. Criterion Score (in this example the score has been adjusted from the default score of 13 to 13.5)
  3. Criterion Feedback if provided
  4. Total
  5. Overall Score

rubric student view



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