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Creating New Sandpit Spaces

A Sandpit is a personal space, available to staff, where you can explore, learn and create in VU Collaborate.
In addition to your automatically created space, you can create additional Sandpits (up to 5) to facilitate designing content for multiple units or subjects.

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Step One: Log into VU Collaborate Manager

1. Log into the Staff portal, and select Access to Apps Dashboard.

2. Under Learning & Teaching, select VU Collaborate Manager.



Step Two: Creating a Sandpit Space

Under Your Sandpits section on the right-hand side, you will see all personal sandpits here.  

1. Select the New Sandpit button to create a sandpit space.

2 create a new sandpit

2. A confirmation message will be displayed (a) and a new sandpit space will be added to the bottom of the list of current sandpits (b).

3 confirmation message

3. If you want to delete a sandpit, click on the redX icon icon to the right of a sandpit.

You can have a maximum of 5 sandpits. If you already have 5 sandpits, you need to delete one in order to create a new one.


Step Three: Accessing your Sandpit spaces from VU Collaborate

Once you have created your sandpits, the next time you log into VU Collaborate, you can access them from the waffle icon or under the My Delivery Spaces widget. 

Refer to Navigating Around VU Collaborate Home for more information.

4 access sandpits from vu collaborate

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