Adding Library Content

Add VU library material to unit spaces and use Readings to create a unit reading list.

Educator Insight 

Educator Insights allows teaching staff to see levels of student engagement with reading list resources in real time. The function provides a count of  Student Access, Resource Count, Unique Student Access, and Student Engagement. 

Educator Insights is relevant for unit spaces where students are enrolled.

This guide provides an explanation of the summary and individual student data available through the product. The guide has two sections:

  1. Accessing the Block Offering summary data
  2. Accessing individual student data


Accessing the Block Offering summary data

Step one: Navigate to eReserve Readings in the unit space

1.1 Select the Delivery space and navigate to the Readings module.

ereserve access reading list from unit space


1.2 Check that the correct Offering is selected. This ensures that the data displayed relates to students in the teaching period.

Educator 2.1 2023



Step two: Access Reading List summay data

2.1 Student Access

The Student Access tool will display a dropdown which will provide teaching staff with the ability to show overall Reading List accesses split by Resource Importance (Required and Recommended) and by Resource Kind (Link or File). Each of the rows in the table will also provide the total access counts for both the Resource Importance and Resource Kind.

  EducatorInsights StudentAccess

 2.2 Resource Count

The Resource Count is a tool that will provide teaching staff with the ability to view the total overall Resource Count on their Reading List split into Resource Importance.

 EducatorInsights ResourceCount

 2.3 Engagement Analytics

The Engagement Analytics tool provides teaching staff the ability to show active Students across the Reading List. The dropdown will display a graph that will outline a number of Students who have accessed a certain number of Resources. This example indicates four students have accessed 17 Resources and two students have accessed 21 Resources.

 EducatorInsights EngageAnal

Teaching staff can select Required or Recommended resources which will change the graph display to show the relevant information for that selected Resource Importance. 

EducatorInsights EngageAnal2


Accessing individual student data

Step three: Navigating to the data

3.1 Within the eReserve Readings tool the individual student data is located against each of the individual readings.

Educator 3.1 2023


Step four: Accessing student data

4.1  Student Unique Access

The Unique Student Access tool provides teaching staff with a button and icon on each of the individual resources on the Reading List which will display each student and their unique Access. It will display the Student name along with how many times that student has downloaded that resource.

At the bottom of that list, it will display a list of students who have not accessed that Resource. With this new information, teaching staff will be able to identify the degree of student engagement among their cohort of students and identify any low engagement or at-risk students.

EducatorInsights StudentUnique



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