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Importing a ZIP file of artefacts to your ePortfolio

This guide explains how to import a ZIP file of artefacts to your ePortfolio previously exported with this tool.

You can use this ZIP file to transfer artefacts offline or to share various ePortolio artefacts from a website or any other medium, where you do not have access to ePortfolio sharing options.

ePortfolio is a tool that allows you to represent your learning by creating, organising and sharing artefacts including presentations. This guide explains how you can import ePortfolio artefacts from a ZIP file previously exported with the ePortfolio tool.

You can find more about exporting by visiting this guide - Exporting a ZIP file of Artefacts from ePortfolio.

Note: The ZIP file must be in a format readable by the ePortfolio, this file must have been previously exported within the ePortfolio tool.

Step One: Access your ePortfolio

1. To access the ePortfolio, click Toolbox > My ePortfolio in the main navbar of your space.

1. toolbox menu 


Step Two: Access the Import / Export Page

1. Click on My Items to access your ePortfolio artefacts.

Step02 01 DL

2. Click the button More Actions and select Go to Import / Export page.

Step02 02DL


Step Three: Import the ZIP File

1. Click Import on the page Import / Export ePortfolio Content.

2. import page

2. Click Choose File and select the ZIP file that you wish to import.

3. import file window

Note: Please remember that this ZIP file must be previously exported within the ePortfolio tool.

4. Click Next to proceed.

5. The import process will now run.

gif upload process

6. The Import Preview page will show the artefacts in the ZIP file to be imported in your ePortfolio.

7. (Optional) Enter in any metadata tags appropriate to your content in the Tags box.

4. import file confirm

8. Click Import to continue.

9. To verify if the import has been completed click the View progress of the import package link.

6. import finished box

8. Once your import has finished click Done. After that, you will be redirected to the Import / Export ePortfolio content page.

Step Four: Confirmation


1. To confirm that your files were imported click on My Items.

Step04 01 DL

2. From the My Items page locate the imported files.

7. my item imported

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