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Managing your profile on VU Collaborate


To see a short video on How to Add a Profile Picture to VU Collaborate, see the video below.



In VU Collaborate, profile pictures are now enabled.  Students will have their photo from their Student ID card automatically put into their profile on VU Collaborate and staff will have the option to put a picture of their choice into their profile.  When a profile is activated with a picture, it will appear in the minibar at the top of the page as shown below.


Minibar in daylight


Profile pictures of students can be helpful in the classlist so you know who you are marking on the attendance register and can connect with the students, "put a face to a name".  Of course, not all students will keep their ID photo and may instead choose a picture they like such as in the classlist picture below, but at least it will not be left as a greyed out sillouette.


classlist profiles


To be able to put your picture in your profile, follow the steps and pictures below.


Step One

Once you have logged in to VU Collaborate, go to the minibar and click on your name.  It will provide a dropdown list of options; choose profile.


settings in daylight


Step Two

Once you are in the section for editing your profile, click on change picture.  

edit user profile pic


You can then upload a picture from your computer onto VU Collaborate.


Select a profile pic


Step Three

Step three is optional.  You have options to build your profile further with a nickname, your website or blog, links to your social networks and personal information to help others get to know you.  Just fill in the boxes with the headings beneath the profile picture.


Further Support

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Contact ITS Service Desk on (03) 9919 2777 or via self-service for further technical support.

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