Adding Library Content

Add VU library material to unit spaces and use Readings to create a unit reading list.

College association and Referencing Style 

College (School) association and preferred referencing (citation) style can be set up for each unit. This leads to guidance information for students regarding how the reference of their reading should appear in the selected referencing style. 

This guide explains how to set College (School) association and preferred referencing (citation) style initally and from within the eReserve.Readings.

Regarding referencing styles:

  • It is recommended that students also refer to the libraries referencing style guides for guidance
  • Chosen referencing styles can be changed without affecting the material you load into Readings.
  • Any improvements to the referencing styles within the software will be reflected in unit spaces.

Step one: Initial set-up of preferences

1.1 Enter the software by clicking on the eReserve icon in the Readings module.

College assoc 1.1



1.2 Select College (called School)  and Referencing (Citation) style for the unit from the drop-down menu, and then select the Update button.

College assoc 1.2


Preferred Referenicng (Citation) style can also be selected.

College assoc 1.3



Step Two: Changing preferences from within eReserve Readings


2.1 Navigate to Units Settings.

College assoc 2.1



2.2 Change College (called School)  and Referencing (Citation) style for the unit from the drop-down menus and Update.

College assoc 2.2



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