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Adding Library Content

Add VU library material to unit spaces and use Readings to create a unit reading list.

Peppering Student Readings in the Content Areas of a Unit Space 

Peppering refers to being able to select student readings from those already on a Reading List and add them at points within the student unit course material. Students access the reading without needing to go into the tool itself and are able to connect with the reading content within the context of their study.

This guide explains how to 'pepper' student readings in the content areas of a unit.

Note: The peppering functionality can be used when student readings are available on a Reading List. Please refer to other Readings guides to find out how to create and add material to Reading Lists.

Step one: Creating a document within a VU Collaborate unit

Create a new document by selecting New then New Document within the module where the student readings will be accessed by the student.

3 create a new document page for reading


Step Two: Develop the document with text and 'peppered links' to reading on the Unit Reading List 

2.1 Write any required text and select the Insert stuff option to select readings from the Reading List.

insert stuff icon in the HTML editor 

2.2 From the list of options select Insert Readings.

 Tip: Accept the permission message should it appear.

PepperMRL step 02 02


Step Three: Insert the Reading

3.1 Ensure you have the correct Reading List selected

PepperMRL step 03 01

3.2 Tick on each student reading(s) to insert into the document, and select NEXT. (Scroll up to the green NEXT button.)

PepperMRL step 03 02

Note: Multiple readings can be selected individually. The groups themselves cannot be selected.

3.3 Review and then select Create.

PepperMRL step 03 03

3.4 Select Insert.

PepperMRL step 03 04

3.5 The selected readings now sit within the VU Collaborate document. The final step is to publish the document using Save and Close button.

Tip: To remove reading from a document, use the cursor to backspace the reading. It is removed from the document only, not from the Readings/eReserve Plus module.

 4 save and close the reading document page

3.6 The student view.

Where student readings are Pending (for a future date) rather than Active, an error message may be seen when the reading is viewed as a student. The reading will be viewable through the 'peppered link' when the date set for the Reading List is reached.

PepperMRL step 03 06 

Note: Students will not see the 'Number of views' icon icon03 01 . In the student view there are options to view icon03 02for a linked resource or download  icon03 03  for a loaded (PDF) resource.


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