Adding Library Content

Add VU library material to unit spaces and use Readings to create a unit reading list.

Working with Groups and moving readings

Information in this guide includes: 

  1. Creating groups with headings of your choice e.g. Session 1, Topic A, Further reading
  2. Moving readings between groups
  3. Changing a group name
  4. Expanding and collapsing the Reading List groups

Note: Please refer to other Readings guides to find out how to create Reading Lists and add material to the reading lists.

Step one: Create a new group

Material entered in Readings initially locates to an ‘Ungrouped Readings’ group. The ‘Ungrouped Readings’ group name itself does not appear in the student view, only the content of this group is displayed.

Groups can be created to organise the material for students. Some examples of groups could be by ‘week’ (e.g. Week 1, Week 2) or ‘topic’ (e.g. Force, Motion).


1.1 From within Readings select New group from the bar above the student readings.

Create group


1.2 Give the group a name and select 'Create' to create the group.

Create group 2


Your new group will appear at the bottom of the screen beneath the ‘Ungrouped readings’ group.


Step Two: Moving readings into groups

The Move to button allows for single or multiple readings to be moved from one group to another.


2.1 Select either one or multiple readings by ticking the box(es) adjacent to the reading title.

Move readings


2.2 Select Move to and select the destination group name.

Move readings 2

 The readings have moved to the selected group


Alternatively click on the 'star' symbol (see image below) to the left of the reading and 'Drag and Drop' it to the new group.

  • with the left mouse button select and hold to reading to be moved
  • Drag the reading to the preferred display position
  • Release the left mouse button and the reading will drop to the new position

Move readings 3



 Change of group name


3.1 To change the name of a group select the ‘edit’ button.

Change name


3.2 Enter a new name and then select ‘Update’ to save.

Change name 2


expand and collapse function

 Expand and Collapse functionality is available to use use while organising material within readings. 





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