Adding Library Content

Add VU library material to unit spaces and use Readings to create a unit reading list.

Managing material on view to students

This guide will explain the tools which are available to manage Reading Lists including how to:

  1. View a Reading List in student view
  2. Exporting citations of Reading List items
  3. Hiding an individual reading from student view in a Reading List
  4. Deleting an individual reading from a Reading List

Note: Please refer to other Readings guides to find out how to create, publish and add material to Reading Lists.


View the reading list as a student

1.1 Select Preview to view the readings as they would appear to students in the VU Collaborate unit space.

View 1.3


1.2 Access student help through th ? symbol

View 1.2


1.3 Select List Management to return to the Academic interface.

View 1.3



Exporting citations of Reading List items

 2.1 Teaching staff and students can whoose to export the citations on a Reading List in plain text or RIS format. RIS format can be uploaded to citation management tools such as Endnote.

Export 2.1



Hiding a reading from the student view 

3.1 Individual readings can be hidden from the student view. Select the Eye Symbol to hide a reading. Select the symbol again to include it in the student view.

Hiding 3.1



Deleting an individual reading from a Reading List

Note: Once an individual reading is deleted it remains in the Readings/eReserve Plus software. It can be searched for and re-added to a Reading List. Refer to other Readings guides for step-by-step instructions.

4.1 Select the Red Rubbish Bin adjacent to the reading to be deleted.

Delete 4.1



4.2 Read the text to ensure understanding. Select Yes.

Delete 4.2

 The individual reading has been deleted from the Reading List.



Further Support

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