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Use the HTML Editor to create and format your content while ensuring consistency and aesthetic appeal.

Using the VU Collaborate HTML Editor

HTML remains a core standard for accessible content across all devices and in particular on mobile devices. Often websites, documents, and video display best when accessed via HTML rather than formats like Word or Excel.  This help guide will explain how to copy a Word or PDF document into the HTML editor and explain a few of the different editing tools available. 


Copying Word or PDF documents into the HTML Editor

1. Click on the desired unit module. Select Learning Space.

2. In your desired module, click on New and select New Document.

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3. The HTML editor will appear, give the document a title.

4. In the boxed area below the title, paste the text from your Word or PDF document.

Converting a PDF document to Word makes it easier to copy and paste text. If you want to know how to convert a PDF to a Word document, please check Edit a PDF - Word.    

5. Click on Save and Close when the document is ready for viewing. 

HTML Editor Update 2021


HTML Editor Tools

The HTML Editor in VU Collaborate is used for news items, assessment feedback, module descriptions, emails and more. 

Below is a list of all of the different options available through the HTML editor, which appears as a toolbar at the top of a new text area.

HTML Editor Toolbar


HTML Editor toolbar options
Paragraph Icon Paragraph Allows the user to choose different Heading types, Blockquote (used to define a block of text that is a direct quotation) and Code. 
B icon Bold Makes the selected text bold. 
Itallic Icon Italic  Makes the selected text italic. 
Underline icon Underline Underlines/Strike-through/Superscript/Subscript the selected text. 
Select Colour Icon Select Colour Changes the colour of the selected text as per your choice. 
Allignment Icon Alignment Aligns the selected paragraph to the Left, Center, Right or Justify (Justify aligns the selected paragraph to the left and right - creating flush margins on both sides). 
List Icon List Inserts a bulleted or numbered list. The indent options moves the margin of the current paragraph to the right (increase) or to the left (decrease). 
Insert Stuff Icon Insert Stuff  Enables you to insert media (including audio and video) files from a variety of sources. 
Insert Quicklink Icon Insert Quicklink  Enables you to insert a quicklink to a resource inside VU Collaborate. 
Insert Image Icon Insert Image Insert an image at the current location of your cursor. 
Insert Equation Icon Insert Equation  Launches the Equation Editor, allowing you to insert equations. 
Insert Table IconJPG Insert Table  Inserts a table at the current location of your cursor. Cell, row and column properties are also featured in this location. Enables you to change table properties such as cell spacing, alignment, height, width, etc. 
Other Insert Options Icon Other Insert Options 

Attributes: Enables you to add title, ID, style, and text direction attributes to selected text without opening the Source Editor.
Divider: Inserts a horizontal line separating paragraphs.
Emoji: Enables you to insert an emoticon.
Symbols: Enables you to insert symbols and other special characters.  

Font Icon Font Changes the font of selected text. 
Font Size IconJPG Font Size  Changes the size of selected text. 
More Actions Icon More Actions  Reveals more edit options or if clicked twice will hide the other edit options from view. 
Fullscreen Icon Fullscreen Expands the editor to fullscreen view. 
Format Painter Icon Format Painter  Allows the user to choose different Heading types, Blockquote (used to define a block of text that is a direct quotation) and to insert a link for the selected text. 
Accessibility Checker Icon Accessibility Checker Determines whether the text is accessible and if not, a list of issues will appear. 
Word Count Icon Word Count  Counts the words, characters, characters (no spaces) and paragraphs for the text.  
Preview Icon Preview A preview of how the document will appear for the audience. 
Source Code IconJPG Source Code Access the HTML code. 
Undo Icon Undo  Undoes the last action. 
Redo Icon Redo Redoes the last action. 


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