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Inserting an H5P in VU Collaborate

H5P is a tool for creating interactive learning content in VUCollaborate. H5P is Open Source software integrated with VU Collaborate which allows the easy and rapid creation of mobile friendly interactive elements. These can form an integral part of your course content. You can use H5P Learning Objects to create, share and reuse interactive content to engage students and stimulate their learning within VU Collaborate.

This guide includes

Below are the steps for inserting the H5P into a VU Collabvorate space.

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To learn how to access and create H5P learning objects in general, see Introduction to H5P.

Click on the picture below to see a short demonstration of how to insert an H5P into a space on VU Collaborate. 

  H5P pic for video


Step One - Navigating to the appropriate space

In the Learning Space choose the module you want the H5P to be in, click on New then New Document.

Screenshot showing the new button, and selecting new document from the dropdown menu

Step Two - Accessing H5P Learning Objects

 1. Select the Insert Stuff button in the HTML editor.  You can also add instructions explaining what the H5P is for, or any other information you wish about the subject.

insert stuff

2. Scroll down and select H5P Learning Object.

access h5p from insert stuff


Step Three - Inserting H5P Learning Objects

1. If you are creating a new H5P, select Add Content.  To search for an H5P that is already created:

    1. Type the title of the H5P into the serach bar.  You can also type in the unit code to bring up H5Ps that have it in their title.

    2. Click on the search icon to start the serach for that H5P, or click Enter.

    3. Select the H5P you want to use.

    4. Click Insert to place that H5P into VU Collaborate.

H5P search and choose H5P to insert

2. You will then have a chance to preview the H5P you have selected, you can also edit it further from here.  If this is the correct H5P, select Insert. 

H5P insert to VUC

3. You then have the view of the H5P within VU Collaborate.  Add a title to match the title of the H5P when you selected it and click on Save and Close

H5P save into VUC

4. Your H5P will now be available for students to view in the module where you started.


You can insert multiple H5P objects into the one HTML. You can also insert an H5P wherever you see the Insert Stuff Icon


Further Support

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Contact ITS Service Desk on (03) 9919 2777 or via self-service for further technical support.


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