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H5P Sharing and Collaboration

H5P learning objects can be shared and used amongst staff members at Victoria University. By selecting the Collaborators or Sharing option, other staff members teaching the same unit can use and edit the H5Ps you have created for the unit. Additionally, other staff members from all faculties can view and clone your created H5P learning object and modify it for their teaching.

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If you have not yet created one you can see the H5P website for examples and then find the guides on how to create them from the H5P Authoring site.  


Step One: Accessing the H5P activity

Option 1: Access from VU Collaborate space

1. Navigate to the desired H5P activity embedded within your unit space.

2. Select the Edit button above the H5P.

If you cannot find this option which means you don't have permission to edit the activity, please contact the H5P creator to sort out your access.

1 edit h5p from vuc


Option 2: Access from VU H5P Dashboard

1. Navigate to H5P Dashboard via .

2. Scroll to the desired activity and select the Pencil icon next to the H5P name.

5 edit content button on h5p dashboard


Option One: Sharing H5P from the Edit View

2.1. Adding & Editing Collaborators

  • A. Within the editing screen, scroll down to the bottom and select Collaborators.
  • B. Type the user's name or email address under Choose who can edit content and select the staff details.
  • C. To remove a collaborator, select the X icon next to their detail.

2 add and edit collaborators

Once complete, select Save to apply the changes.

4.3 save button


2.2. Adding & Editing H5P shared folders

H5P content shared within organization folders is available for everyone in the organization to view and clone, but they cannot edit the original version that you created.

  • A. Within the editing screen, scroll down to the bottom and select Share with organization.
  • B. Select Pick folder(s) to share in...and tick on the relevant folder names.
  • C. You can also expand the sub-folders using the plus icon next to the folder name to share into a specific sub-folder.

3 add h5p to shared folders

To remove H5P content from the shared folder, scroll down to Share with organization and select Stop Sharing.

4 stop sharing in folder 

Once complete, select Save to apply the changes.

4.3 save button



Option Two: Sharing H5P from the activity dashboard

You can manage share and collaboration directly from  without switching to edit mode in the H5P.

1. From VU H5P Dashboard, select the three dot icon Icon three dots  and from the options, select Share with organization.

6 select share from more options

2. Now you can make changes regarding sharing H5P into a shared folder or adding collaborators. Simply switch between tabs.

Refer to previous steps to learn how to add H5P into shared folders and add/edit collaborators.

6.1 sharing and collaboration screen

3. Once complete, select Update

update button



Option Three: Create & Share a Custom H5P Folder

You can create a folder in My Content and add collaborators to the folder to allow the collaborators to edit all of the H5P objects in the folder.

1. To get access to My Content, go to

2. To create a new folder simply select New Folder next to Add Content button.

sc create new folder

3. Enter the folder name (a) and select Create (b).

sc enter folder name

4. To access your folder, select the folder name.

sc access folder

5. Within your folder, you can create new H5P activity using Add Content button.

All activity will later be stored in your desired folder.

Screenshot of the add content button 

Share Your H5P Folder with other staff members

This is a good idea if a team of people is working on the same or similar H5Ps that you will all use. Once you add collaborators to a folder, all of the material in that folder can be edited by any of the staff in the folder. 

1. Select the three-dot button on the right of the folder title, follow by Share with organization.

sc share a folder

2. From here you can switch to the Collaborators tab, then add your colleagues under Choose who can edit selected content.

sc add collab in folder

3. Select Update to apply changes. 

 update button


Further Support

Visit the VU Collaborate Help site at for up to date information and resources on blended learning or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Contact ITS Service Desk on (03) 9919 2777 or via self-service for further technical support.

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