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Assessing Campus Pack Wikis

Campus Pack Wikis allow students in a unit space to collaborate, edit and comment on basic web pages. Wikis can support group work and peer review by utilising text, links and media.

To learn how to create or use a Campus Pack Wiki access these guides: Creating a Campus Pack Wiki, Using a Campus Pack Wiki

Note: If you want to assess a wiki, ensure that in the final step of creating your Campus Pack Wiki, you tick the Create a Grade Book Entry and Add a Grade Item.
Assessing Campus Pack Wikis

Note: We recommend using Chrome or Firefox with Campus Pack. If you are using Safari, you will get a ‘login error’ unless you enable cookies through preferences.

Below are the steps to assessing Campus Pack Wikis:


Step One: Accessing the Wiki 

1. Navigate to the space in VU Collaborate.

2. Click on Learning Space on the Navbar.


Unit home page with Learning Space selected on the navbar


3. Find the Wiki that you would like to assess and click the title. In this case, it is simply Wiki.


Learning Space screen with a module and a campus pack wiki item selected


Step Two:  Finding your data

1. The Wiki will appear within a screen on the VU Collaborate Page. You can scroll and click inside the Wiki.


Campus Pack popup with example wiki inside


To make assessing easier, we recommend that you click this button open in a new window icon  to view your content in a popup window. This way, you can view VU Collaborate at the same time as the wiki.


2. Click Settings to see a drop-down menu of options. From this menu, select Assessment.


Settings dropdown menu in campus pack window. Assessment option highlighted.


3. Data will appear in different forms in the Assessment section. At the top of the page, there is a Summary. This data represents Total RevisionsTotal Views and Total Comments and is shown in the form of pie charts.


Summary page with three pie charts representing the data from your wiki


4. Scroll down to view the Participants. This will be a list of all people with access to the space and their interaction information. It shows the Last View of WikiTotal Pages EditedTotal RevisionsTotal ViewsTotal Comments Initiated, and Total Comments.


participants list with statistics


Any of these titles can be clicked to change the order of participants. For instance, if you would like to view the list from most recent view of wiki to least recent, you would click Last View of Wiki. An arrow will appear next to the title indicating whether it is most recent (down facing arrow) or least (upwards facing arrow). 


Last view of wiki menu with small arrow to the right of title.

Tip: For a large group of students, use the CTRL + F shortcut on your keyboard to search the web page for a name.

Step Three: Grading the Assessment using the Data

The simplest way to grade a Wiki is to have the Campus Pack popup and the VU Collaborate space open side by side.


Campus pack wiki screen next to VU collaborate Enter Grades screen


1. On the VU Collaborate navigation bar, click Assessment and then from the drop-down menu, Grades


On the navbar, Assessment was clicked then Grades was selected


2. Click Enter Grades

3. There will be a list of students with their corresponding grades. Once you have determined the grade, enter the grade into the box under the prescribed Wiki Assessment title.

Tip: If there is no Gradebook Item created for your Wiki Assessment, you can create a Gradebook Numeric Grade Item.

Within the enter grades screen, the selected assessment item region is highlighted


4. Click Save


Save button at the bottom of the enter grades screen highlighted


5. A popup box will appear requesting your confirmation. If you want to proceed, click Yes. To return to the grading menu, click No.


Grades changes confirmation with Yes button highlighted


6. Once confirmed, the grade will be added and included in the final calculated grades. 

7. Grading is now complete. Repeat this process for every student that you would like to assess.


Further Support

Visit the VU Collaborate Help site at for up to date information and resources on blended learning or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Contact ITS Service Desk on (03) 9919 2777 or via self-service for further technical support.