Enrolling People

Manage User Enrolment in a VU Collaborate Space.

Impersonating a Test Student

Impersonating a Test Student allows you to experience a learning space as a student does. View content, submit assessments, attempt quizzes, and then return to teacher view to grade the assessments.

This guide will show how to navigate to the Classlist, impersonate the test student and then experience a learning space as a student.

On this page:

Step One: Access the Classlist

1. In your Learning Space on the navbar, select Space Admin (1), then Classlist (2).

space admin classlist

Step Two: Search for the Test Student

 1. In the Search box enter Test (1), and then select the search iconsearch.

search for the test user

Step Three: Impersonating the Test Student

1. From the test student name's dropdown arrow (2), select Impersonate (3).

select impersonate
3. Select Yes on the confirmation prompt.

to confirm select yes

Step Four: Stop Impersonating Test Student

1. To stop impersonating, select the Test Student name (1) on the mini bar, and then select the X icon (2) next to Impersonating.



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