Folders, Copying & Moving Panopto Videos

Personal Folders provides you with a private sandbox for creating and sharing videos. When accessing Panopto you have access to four different folders : Home, My Folder, Shared with Me and Everything. Creating content within 'My Folder' allows you to create, test and share your content allowing you to review and become confident before embedding your content into unit spaces or sharing links.This help guide demonstrates how to create a new recording within 'My Folder' and utilise Personal Folders. 

Step One: Creating Sessions in "My Folder"

 1. In order to add a Session to your personal folder, select My Folder from the left navigation bar. 

Image 1

2. Click on the Create button to record a new session or upload video files to My Folder.

Image 2


Step Two: Creating Folders in "My Folder"

In order to create a new Panopto folder within your Personal Folder, you have two options: 

1.1Navigate to My Folder and select the Add folder button


1.2 Select Create -> New Folder and confirm that Parent Folder is set to My Folder 

4      5

Step Three: How to make a copy of a video

1. From your folder, select the video you would like to copy by ticking the box in the top left corner of the video. 

2. Then select Settings.

Annotation 2020 06 11 125359

3. Select Manage

Annotation 2020 06 11 125439

4. Then select Copy.

Panopto Copy Button

5. You will need to confirm that you wish to copy the video by selecting OK to the below dialogue box.

Panopto Copy Confirmation

Panopto Copy Made

Once the video has been copied it should appear in your list of videos as per the above image.   It will also have the same title as the parent video but will be distinguished by the word Copy beside it.

Step Four: Moving videos from one folder to another

1. From your list of videos, select the video by clicking the tick box in the top left hand corner of the image.

2. Then the option to move will appear, select Move.

 Panopto Select Video

3. The video you are wanting to copy will appear in the below dialogue box.

4. Select the drop-down and then select the folder you would like to copy to. 

Panopto Select Folder

5. Once you have chosen the folder, select the Move button.

Panopto COnfirm Folder Move

6. You have successfully moved the video to another folder.   Click the X

Panopto Move foler Complete

Once you have moved a video, it will no longer be in the original folder as no copies are made in this process.

Further Support

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Contact ITS Service Desk on (03) 9919 2777 or via self-service for further technical support.


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