Upload, Edit & Embed Video

Polish your video content and upload to VU Collaborate

Uploading & Embedding a YouTube Video

This guide will explain how to upload videos to YouTube and how to embed them into VU Collaborate.

YouTube is an online tool for sharing videos. YouTube allows you to embed videos into your own online resources regardless of video file type or Internet Browser compatibility. If you already have your video content ready, complete the following steps to upload and embed the video into your VU Collaborate content. This involves uploading content that you have recorded onto YouTube, and them embedding that YouTube video into VUCollaborate. While the ITS ServiceDesk and Connected Learning Team cannot provide support for uploading videos to YouTube, these instructions should be sufficient.

Below are the steps of this guide:

Step One: Logging in to YouTube using Google Account

1. Navigate to Youtube.


2. Click the Upload button.




3. You’ll be prompted to sign in via your Google account. Enter your username and password to sign in.




4. If you don’t already have a Google account and you would like to use one, click Create account and follow the easy steps to set one up.


Step Two: Creating a Channel

2.1 Personal Channel

 Once signed in with your Google account, you will be required to enter the first and last name that will appear as the source of the upload. Enter these and click Create Channel



 Note: Please read YouTube's Terms of Service before agreeing to anything. 

2.2 Brand Channel

Brand Accounts are an option that allows multiple users to be managers. This is an account that allows multiple users to have access to uploading and editing content. 


1. If you want to create a Brand Account with multiple managers, click Use a business or other name




2. and then Create a new channel. 


Create new channel button


3. This will lead to instructions to create a Brand Account. 


Menu to create a new brand account with field for Brand Account name.


4. Once complete, you now have a YouTube Channel attached to your Google account. 




Step Three: Uploading Your Video to YouTube

1. Select the Upload icon. 




2. Set the video’s Privacy settings here. Select Unlisted (Other Privacy settings on your account can be found here).




3. Click Select Files to Upload. 


4. Select the video from your files and click Open.



Note: You can create simple videos with your iPhone, Echo 360 Active Learning Platform and other software programs that may come bundled with your computer. See Echo360 ALP Getting Started with the Dashboard and Library .

5. While the video is uploading, take this time to edit the title, description, and tags. 

Note: If you have not already set the video’s Privacy settings to Unlisted, select it now. 



6. Explore the Advanced Settings and alter them as required. 




7. When the video has finished uploading and the settings are to your satisfaction, click Publish




8. YouTube will generate the URL link for your video’s YouTube page. 




 9. Copy the link and paste it into your address bar to view your YouTube video. This is NOT the embed code, this is the URL. 




10. On your video’s YouTube page, locate Share.


11. To its right, click Embed



12. Select and copy the code in the Embed Code box. 

Note: We will be accessing this copied code in Step Four: Embedding Your Video into VUCollaborate

Step Four: Editing Your YouTube Video

1. From your video on YouTube, click Edit Video.




2. In the editing page, choose a preferred thumbnail image to represent your video as an icon.




3. Click Save to save your changes.



Note: If you have not already set the video’s Privacy settings to Unlisted, select it now under Basic Info.

YouTube has three main privacy settings:

Public: allows videos to be viewed by anyone and appear in searches.

Private: Restricts viewing to selected users, videos can’t be embedded.

Unlisted: Videos don’t appear in searches but can be embedded

Consult YouTube's Privacy Policy for more information. 

There is a range of other settings to explore. Click through and adjust as you see fit. 


Step Five: Embedding Your Video into VU Collaborate

1. Log in to your VU Collaborate space and locate where you would like the video to appear. There are several ways to embed your content into VUCollaborate. For the purposes of this guide, we will be using the Insert Stuff method. 


2. Click New and select New Document.




3. Click Insert Stuff.



Note: The embed code is different from the link. Ensure that you have selected Embed and copied the correct code. 

 4. In the Insert Stuff dialogue box, select Enter Embed Code




5. Paste the copied Embed Code into the field provided and click Next.




6. You will see a preview of your video. If you’re happy with the video, click Insert. 




7. Click Publish. 

Your embedded YouTube video will now be visible in your space.


Further Support

Visit the VU Collaborate Help site at https://vucollaboratehelp.vu.edu.au for up to date information and resources on blended learning or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Contact ITS Service Desk on (03) 9919 2777 or via self-service http://servicedesk.vu.edu.au for further technical support.