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Providing Feedback and Grading within VU Collaborate

The Evaluate Submission page within an Assessment Dropbox enables you to evaluate and leave feedback for student submissions. You can download submissions from the Folder Submissions page to work on files offline or you can view and grade a document directly on the Evaluate Submission page.

If you grade directly on the Evaluate Submission page, you can choose to publish feedback immediately or save your feedback as a draft and release it at a later time. This enables you to revise and review evaluations, and publish your feedback to multiple students all at once.

Here are steps to Provide feedback and grading within VU Collaborate:

Step One: Access the Assessment Dropbox Folder

Select Dropbox from the Assessments menu in Learning Space.


Dropbox Folder

Step Two: Select the Assignment Folder

Select the assessment folder you would like to evaluate students for. This will open a folder containing all of the current submissions.


Dropbox Folders


Step Three: Access the Evaluate Submission page

On the Folder Submissions page, click the Evaluate Submission link beside the name of the student you wish to leave feedback for.

Note: Use the search options to find specific submissions based on student name, date, or whether feedback has already been given.

Evaluate Submissions - Dropbox


Step Four: Preview a Submission

In the Evaluate Submission page, click on the title of the document you are marking. This will open the submission in the window.


Submissions Folder


Step Five: Methods of Providing Feedback

A user submission can be assessed in the following ways:

5.1 Rubrics 

1. Click on the associated rubric in the Evaluation Panel and evaluate according to the rubric.

2. Click Save and Record to transfer your rubric assessment score and feedback into the submissions overall score and feedback area. Otherwise,

3. Click Save if you want to keep the rubric score separate from the overall score and prevent the transfer of rubric feedback into general feedback. View the Rubrics help guides for more information.


Associate rubric


5.2 Score

If you have not selected for the score to be transferred directly from the rubric, enter a numerical value in the Score out of field. When published, this will be sent to the linked grade item in the grade book.


Score Assignment


5.3 Feedback

Provide qualitative feedback in the Feedback field. You are also able to include photos, URL links and other multimedia elements in the HTML editor.


Feedback Field


5.4 Add a File

You are also able to provide feedback in a separate file and upload it. Alternatively, you are also able to download the submission and annotate it using the download button Download Icon.

1. The annotated document or new one can be uploaded by clicking Add a File.


Add a file


2. A popup window will appear, you can select the source of the document then easily drag and drop the document in the uploading space.


Add a File


3. Click Add.


 Click Add


5.5 Recording audio

You are able to record audio feedback up to a maximum of three minutes. 


1. Click Record Audio.


Record Video


2. A popup window will appear. please ensure you Allow VU Collaborate to access your microphone when prompted and that you have Flash installed on your computer.

3. To start recording click New Recording, and then click Add.

4. If you have previously recorded an audio file, you can upload it by clicking Upload File.


Add Recording


5.6 Recording Video 

You are able to record video feedback up to a maximum of three minutes. 


1. Click Record Video.

2. A popup window will appear. please ensure you Allow VU Collaborate to access your camera when prompted and that you have Flash installed on your computer.

3. To start recording click New Recording, and then click Add. 

4. If you have previously recorded a video, you can upload it by clicking Upload File.


Step Six: Publishing or Saving Feedback

Once you have entered the desired feedback for the submission, you can either:


Publish: The feedback will be immediately available to the student and the grades will be transferred to the grade book.

Save Draft: The feedback will only be visible to staff and not be released to students. Grades will not be transferred to the grade book until the feedback is published.


Publish or Save Draft


1. Click Done to exit the submission.

2. Alternatively, click Next Student which is immediately below the Done button in order to display the next student submission within the Assessment Dropbox folder.


Evaluate Next Student or Done

Tip: In order to prevent students from viewing feedback prematurely, Save Draft for each submission. When ready, Bulk Publishing Feedback in VU Collaborate for all students which allows them to view their feedback, as well as for the grade values to be sent to the grade book.

Further Support

Visit the VU Collaborate Help site at for up to date information and resources on blended learning or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Contact ITS Service Desk on (03) 9919 2777 or via self-service for further technical support.