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Dropbox Originality Check

Match text from written assignments to text from worldwide sources with Urkund

Getting started with the Dropbox - Originality Check

The Dropbox - Originality Check is easy to set up in VU Collaborate.  Just a few clicks and every assignment submitted to the dropbox folder will be checked against other student work, websites, journals and textbooks. 

Follow the steps below to get started.


Enable the Dropbox - Originality Check

1. In your VU Collaborate space on the navigation bar, click Assessments then Dropbox - Originality Check.

Assessments Dropbox Originality Check 2

2. In the Assignment Overview, for each Assessment Dropbox you can (1) turn on the Plagiarism Originality Check and optionally (2) allow students to view their reports

For each assessment dropbox, turn on the originality check and option to display report to students

Whitelist documents (avoid false positives)

 If you have a document or template that will be in every student's submission that you don't want the Originality Check to match. Log a request to whitelist the document so if the text is found in the submission the text will be ignored.

Whitelisting Request

  • Login to the Staff VU Support Hub
  • Go to IT Customer Support
  • Go to the Service Catalogue
  • Click on the Ouriginal Whitelisting Request Tile


Access Originality Check reports

After students have submitted assignments to the assessment dropbox folder, you can view reports via the assessment dropbox or the dropbox - originality check


Option 1 - Access repots from the Assessment Dropbox

1. Select Assessments then Dropbox

2. Click on the name of the Assessment Dropbox to view the submissions. Next to the submission, a percentage (%) score will be shown. Clicking on this will take you to the report.

access reports from the assessment dropbox


Option 2 - Access reports from the Dropbox - Originality check

1. Select Assessments and then Dropbox - Originality check

Filter the Assessment submission

There are two ways to start filtering the list of originality check reports. 

2. Option one is to click on the title of the assessment that you wish to view the reports for.
This will take you to the Plagiarism Submissions Details tab, with the submissions filtered to the selected assessment.

select assignment submission

3. Option two is to move directly to the Plagiarism Submission Details tab, then click the Filters button to reveal the filter options.
These options include:

  • Assignment: Same as the Assessment dropboxes
  • Section: Unit code, campus location, and program
  • Submission status: any, submitted, rejected, processing, analyzed and error
  • Sort: Submission date or highest plagiarism score
  • Group Category: Allocate+ or groups you have created

Select your options, then click Apply Filters.

orginality check filter

Show submission details and view the report

4. To access the report, click Show Details and then click on the title of the document.

screenshot of the submissions by user, with the show details button

Status types

  • Processing - wait for the reports to be generated
  • Analyzed - ready to view reports
  • Error - the document is either an unrecognisable format, contains fewer than 430 characters and/or 20 words, or exceeds the size limit of 75 MB

5. To view the Originality check report, select View Report from the submitted document name.  
If you select Submission Feedback instead, you will be taken to the assessment dropbox folder where you can add scores, annotate the assignment, use the rubric, provide feedback and save the draft or publish the grade and feedback.

oc view report

Understanding the report

Continue to Interpret the Originality Report, to view and understand the Originality Check report 



Further Support

Visit the VU Collaborate Help site at for up to date information and resources on blended learning or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Contact ITS Service Desk on (03) 9919 2777 or via self-service for further technical support.


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