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Pushing ePortfolio Artefacts

This guide explains how you can send another user an individual copy of your ePortfolio artefact which they can alter without making changes to the copy you own.
This is called ‘push’. You can 'push' ePortfolio artefacts such as template presentations to others (either a whole class of students or individuals). 

This guide outlines how staff can ‘push’ ePortfolio artefacts to the whole class (or individual students), allowing students to work off a template.

What is the difference between ‘sharing’ and ‘pushing’ an ePortfolio artefact?

‘Sharing’ is used if you would like to be the main owner of the ePortfolio artefact. When sharing artefacts, permissions such as ‘view’, ‘comment’ and/or ‘edit’ can be granted to others. However, since you are the primary owner of the artefact, you can stop sharing and/or delete the artefact and anyone to whom you share the artefact with will no longer have access. For more information please visit the Sharing ePortfolio artefacts with individuals .

‘Pushing’ is used if you would like to duplicate the ePortfolio artefact for others. This means that everyone to whom you ‘push’ the artefact to will have an individual copy of your artefact in their ePortfolio. Thus, even if you delete the artefact that was pushed, everyone else will still possess a copy.

Here are the steps to push ePortfolio artefacts:

Step One: Access Your ePortfolio

1. Access My ePortfolio by selecting Toolbox followed by My ePortfolio navbar from anywhere in the space.

Step01 01 DL


Step Two: Search the Artefact That You Would Like to ‘Push’

1. Click on My Items to access your ePortfolio artefacts.

Step02 01 DL

Note: If you want to Push your ePortfolio artefact to the whole class, go to Step Three, If you want to Push your ePortfolio artefact to individuals, go to Step Four

Step Three: Push Your ePortfolio Artefact to the Whole Class

1. Locate the ePortfolio artefact you wish to Push then click on the dropdown menu and select Push.

1. push from right click

2. A confirmation message will appear, click on Next to continue.

2. push item warning screen

3.1 To push your artefact to the whole class

1. Search for the space by typing its name.

3. Push items to spaces

Note: Make sure that you click the Tab Spaces to see all the VU Collaborate Spaces where you are enrolled.

2. Click the Space. After you have done this, the space will appear under the section Selected Users.

4. confirm in selected users

3. If you do not want to push your artefact to this Space, click on the cross step03 03 icon to remove the Space from the Selected Users section.

Note: The artefact will be pushed to any space and/or individuals appearing in the Selected Users section.

4. Click on Push to send the artefact.

Note: If you would like to ‘push’ the same artefact to other VU Collaborate Spaces you can select more spaces and they should appear in the Selected Users section.

5. A confirmation message will appear to remind you that this artefact will be Pushed to everyone enrolled in the Space (including both Staff and Students) Click Yes to finish.

5. push confirmation screen


Step Four: Push Your ePortfolio Artefact to Individuals

1. Repeat Steps One to Three, but this time click on the Users tab.

2. Search for the user that you would like to push your artefact to.

6. search for user

3. Once you have found the user, select the user and make sure that the person appears under the Selected Users section.

7. push to user

4. Click on Push to continue and accept the confirmation message.

Further Support

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Contact ITS Service Desk on (03) 9919 2777 or via self-service http://servicedesk.vu.edu.au for further technical support.