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Managing News Items

You can use the News tool to post updates and communicate with all students enrolled in a space. News items are displayed on the homepage of the space. They can also be accessed in the Communication menu by clicking News. This guide explains how to manage existing news items: editing, deleting and dismissing previous posts.

If you want to make a new post, please visit the help guide Creating News Item.

Below are the steps to Manage News Items:

Step One: Access the News Tool

1. In the navbar, click on Communication and select News from the drop-down menu.

click news

2. This will open up the News tool, where you can view all of your previously created news items.

Step Two: Edit a News Item

There are lots of ways you might want to manage the News Items in a space. The News tool allows editing, reordering, dismissing, restoring a dismissed news item and permanent deletion.

1. To edit a particular item, click the dropdown arrow next to it, and select Edit from the dropdown menu. 

News Item Edit Option  

2. This will open up the news editor, where you can add new media, change text, or delete information.

3. If applicable, tick the Major edit box to inform students of major changes and updates to posts they might have dismissed. Click Update to complete.

News Item Edit New HTML Toolbar 2021

4. You can also make the news item reappear at the top of the homepage by changing its Start Date to the current date and time. When you're finished making changes, click Update.



Step Three: Reordering News Items

If you want to change the order of News posts in the space, you can sort them manually into a numbered order.

1. Click the More Actions button at the top of the screen, and select Reorder.

More Actions and Reorder Options

2. This will open the Reorder News Items screen with a list of all the items in your space. On the right-hand side of each item, in the Sort Order column, there is a dropdown list of numbers. Select numbers to manually reorder your news items. Lower numbers will appear before higher numbers in the final order.

3. When you're ready, click Save to see your new order.


Other news items will automatically reposition themselves according to the new order, so you do not have to manually change every number.

Dismissing a news item hides the post from the homepage of the space for the viewer.  This is different to deleting. Students can also dismiss news items, but are not able to delete them.

1. Click on the arrow to the right of the News item's title, and select Dismiss from the dropdown menu.

Dismiss News Item

4.1 Restore a Dismissed News Item

If a News item has been dismissed, 'dismissed' will appear next to the title, and it will not appear on the homepage. If you want a dismissed News item to appear on the homepage again, it can be restored.

1. Click on the arrow next to the News post title, and select Restore from the dropdown menu.


Step Five: Delete a News Item

If you delete a news item, you will not be able to recover it later.

1. In the News tool, find the item you want to delete.

2. Click the arrow next to the item's title, and select Delete from the drop-down menu.

3. To delete multiple items, check the tick box on the left-hand side of the screen for all of the items you want to delete, and click Delete at the top of the list.

Delete News Item

Further Support

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