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Adding Library Content

Add VU library material to unit spaces and use Readings to create a unit reading list.

Create a Unit Reading List (EMPTY SHELL) 

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to create a new empty Reading List. 

To create a reading list used in a previous teaching period view Create a Unit Reading List (ROLLOVER) - based on a previous teaching period


Step one: Navigate to the Readings Module

1.1 From the VU Collaborate unit navigate to the Readings module and enter the tool (eReserve). The Readings module is in the Master unit templates.

1 access eReserve

 Step two: Create a new Reading List 

Click New list from the Reading Lists menu from within the Readings tool in the VU Collaborate unit space.

 2 create new reading list

Step three: Choose duration 

3.1 Choose a duration for the new Reading List, either from the Predefined Teaching Sessions or define Custom Dates. It is recommended to select the predefined (current year) '2022 Delivery' option. Custom dates cannot be more than 364 days.

 Creating list previous03 01

3.2 Click Next

 Creating list previous03 02

 Step three: Create the Reading List

4.1 Select Skip

Creating list newshell03 04

 4.2 Click Create

A message 'No selected readings' is given as this Reading List will be created empty of any student readings.

Creating list newshell03 05

 4.3 A message appears that the new Reading List has been created.

Creating list newshell03 06

 Tip: Readings can be added or deleted to any Reading List. Refer to other Readings guides for information on these processes.

 Note: Once a list has been created Publication to a unit space is required. Refer to the Publish a Unit Reading List guide.

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