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Activate your H5P account

Due to the new integration of H5P, the system may ask you to verify your account using a confirmation code. If you haven't done so, the system might temporarily disable your H5P view and edit access, which will cause an error message 'No active LTI session' similar to below.

h5p no active lti session error

Note - this verification process currently applies to all current and newly onboard staff members.

Verifying H5P account using confirmation code

1. To verify your account, navigate to your Sandpit or any Learning Space.

2. From a Module, select the Add Activities button followed by H5P Quicklink.

h5p insert via quicklink 

3. You will be asked to enter the confirmation code sent to your email.

The confirmation code may take up to a few minutes to appear in your mailbox. Ensure you search for Spam/Trash/Junk etc to find the email from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

h5p enter your code

An example of an email verification code sent from H5P.

This email was only sent the first time you view the message, so it may have been sent several days ago.

h5p confirmation code email

5. Once you've done this step, you will be able to view and edit your H5P from VU Collaborate.


Troubleshooting - Resending confirmation code

In case you are unable to find the code anywhere in your mailbox, please follow the steps below to request a new code send to your staff email.

1. Once selected Insert H5P, click on the Proceed button within the verification screen.

2. An instruction dialogue 'Did you not receive an email' will appear, click on resend link at the bottom.

h5p proceed to resend the code

If you are still unable to find the verification code, please reach out to our team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

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