Create a WordPress site


Login to Sites

Screenshot of the Sites home page, with login button

Then click SSO Login

login sso login

Log in with your student or staff ID and password, then enter your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) code

login windows, id and password and multi-factor authentication


Get Started and create a site

In Sites, you can create more than one site. Once created your sites can be accessed from the My Sites dropdown list on the top admin bar.

Create a new site

When you log in to WordPress you will first go to the dashboard.
Under the dashboard section of the Main Navigation select (1) My Sites, then select (2) Add New.

my site add new

Enter the details of your site

On the “Get another VU site in seconds” page, enter the details of your site:

  • Site name, using only lowercase letters (a-z) and numbers
    This will be used in the site URL.
  • Site title will be displayed on your home page and used to locate your site.
  • Site language, keep the default or select as required
  • When ready, click Create Site to confirm your setting and create your site.

new site details

On the confirmation page, click on your site name to navigate to your new site.

new site confirm

You may see a setup notification, wait until this has been completed.

setting up your new site

Your new site will be displayed with a default sample post "Hello World!".

new site with first default post

Next steps

Congratulations you have created a new WordPress site.

Learn How to create, edit and delete Posts or return to WordPress for Education to take the next step.