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Creating a Survey

A survey is a data collection tool available on VU Collaborate which can be used to gather information from students. Surveys are commonly used in research to collect self-report data from study participants. A survey may focus on factual information about individuals, or it might aim to obtain their opinions. 

This article will guide you through the process of creating a survey in VU Collaborate.

This article covers the following topics:

Step One: Creating a Survey and Adding Questions  

1. Select Space Admin from the top navigation bar.

Navigate to space admin

2. Scroll down to heading Assessment and select Surveys.

Under assessment select surveys

3. Select New Survey

new surevey btn

4. Provide a name for the survey. For example: Feedback Survey.

Add title for survey

5. Select from the following options: give instant feedback or make results anonymous. For more information, click on the information icon icon further information .

Feedback and anonymous options 

These boxes are optional but note that if a survey is anonymous, it cannot have any restrictions placed on it. The survey cannot be edited to change the anonymity at a later stage. 

6. Select Add/Edit Questions to add questions into the survey. 

Add edit questions into survey

7. Click on New and select the type of survey question you would like to add. 

Select new and select type of question to add

If you would like to allow students to upload files in their answers and include embedded images, then a Long Answer Question would be most suitable. It will also allow students to record audio or video responses when answering the Long Answer Question. 

8. Click on one of the following question types to learn more information about creating them:

Creating survey questions does not require you to select/allocate points to the correct answer.

1.1 Likert Scale Survey Question Example 

1. Select Likert Question

Likert question selection

2. A new page is going to open. Enter an Introductory Text to guide students through the survey. 

Introductory text example

3. Scroll down the page to find the title Questions. Select a type of Likert Scale from the following options.  

Likert scale types

4. Scroll down the page to reveal the following table. Under the title Value, write out a survey question which will correspond to the Scale that you selected in the previous step.

5. To add more questions into the survey, simply enter the amount in the box beside the Add Option title. To confirm the changes, click on the Add Option button. 

6. Once completed, click Save. 

Value section enter question

7. Your question is now complete. To view the recently created question, click on the drop-down arrow next to the question and select Preview. 

8. From here, you can also edit your question by clicking Edit (located above Preview). 

Preview survey question

9. A preview of how the question will appear to students will be displayed. Select Done to return back to the previous page.    

Preview question student view 


Step Two: Adding Restrictions to your Survey

1. Click Done Editing Questions once you have created all the questions for your survey. This will take you into the Edit Survey - Feedback Survey page. 

Done editing questions

2. To add a description to the survey, scroll down to Messages and click on the triangle to expand the message. Select the on option, and in the box below write a small description. 

Survey description

The description is shown at the top of the survey.  

3. To add restrictions to the survey - scroll back to the top of the page and select Restrictions

Edit survey page select restrictions

4. Below you can set time restrictions if required.

5. If you want to add the survey in the Calendar, click on the button beside Display In Calendar

Display in calendar

To know more about Calendar & Dates, please visit the Creating Calendar Events Guide. 

6. Decide on the number of times you would like a student to submit feedback:

  • Unlimited - No capped number of survey responses per student.
  • Single attempt that is editable - One survey response which can be changed by the student.
  • Limited - Select the number of times a student can submit a survey response. 

User responses select save and close

7. Click Save and Close to save the changes you have made to the survey. 

8. Your survey will appear as follows: 

Survey creation completed


Step Three: Adding a Survey into your Unit

1. Go to the Learning Space and choose the module where you would like to place your survey.

2. Click Add Activities, then select Surveys.

Insert survey in learning space

3. Select the survey you would like added. For example: Feedback Survey.

Select survey to be added into module

4. Your survey will look like this in the selected Module. Click on the survey in order to finalise the Activity Details.

Survey added into module view

5. The survey is visible when the green tick appears. If you would like the survey to be hidden, you will need to click on the green tick - this will change the status to hidden.

Activity details

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