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Match text from written assignments to text from worldwide sources with Urkund

Interpreting the Originality Analysis Report (Ouriginal)

Turnitin has replaced Ouriginal (Urkund)

Ouriginal (Urkund) has been decommissioned and is now replaced by Turnitin. You will no longer be able to enable Ouriginal (Urkund) on a Dropbox, however, the Similarity Reports already generated by Ouriginal (Urkund) will remain available via the Dropbox for a period of 6 months.
To enable similarity checks, please refer to our Turnitin guides.

Note: all historical submissions to Ouriginal (Urkund) will be migrated to Turnitin’s database, so future submissions will continue to be matched against past submissions.

Once you have located the Originality report, you will see that the overview is set out in a visual, easy-to-read way. It is easy to gather the general information you need from the report as well as some very detailed elements.

Understanding the Originality Check Analysis report


See Understanding the Ouriginal analysis report, by Turnitin.

See Guide to the new Analysis report (NEW), by Ouriginal.


Access the report

1. Select Assessments then Dropbox

2. Click on the name of the Assessment Dropbox to view the submissions. Next to the submission, a percentage (%) score will be shown. Clicking on this will take you to the report.

access reports from the assessment dropbox


Navigating the Overview

1. The three icons from left to right mean Reset report state, download as a PDF and Get Help/information about the page you are looking at.

2. A quick overview showing the matched text of the submission in blue.

3. The three separate areas of findings. 

  • Matching text - blocks of text where a match was found in a source.
  • Warnings - highlights any suspicious items in the submission.
  • Cross language - checks matching text in other languages.

5. Similarity overview showing the receiver (Block Convenor or Instructor) average within that dropbox folder as well as the Similarity Score from that assignment.


Viewing findings

Matching text

This shows any text in the submitted document (1) with the matched text (2) from other sources.

Text that is correctly referenced, or not needed can be removed, by selecting exclude this match (3). 

To Navigate to the next match, use Previous Match and Next Match.

Highlight colours:

  • Blue = text in brackets
  • Grey = text in quotes
  • Red = missing in the submitted text
  • Yellow = matched text

matching text


Viewing sources

1. This is where you find a list of all the original sources during the document analysis.
2. To access the source, click on the open a new window icon after the source name. This will take you to the original source (as long as it is web/internet accessible).

  • Website sources 
  • School Assignments
  • Journal and textbook sources 

 source listings 

2. If you know of a website that should have been, but wasn't in the list of references for the document you are reviewing, you can add it to the list for Urkund to include for next time. Just place the url (web address) in the section Are you missing a source from the list and click SEND.

are you missing sources

Download a matched submission

These steps show how to download a matched assignment submission from Victoria University.

1. From the Options (1), select Sign in (2).

2. Select Victoria University (3), Sign in Via Institution (4), then log in with your VU account.

sign in to victoria university

3. After a successful login, you will be directed to the overview page. Go to Matching Text in the Findings section to return to the Student Assignment source.
You will now be able to click on the assignment name to download the matched assignment submission.

download matched submission


Viewing the entire document

Document view

1. In document view the submitted text is displayed on the left hand side and the matched text on the right hand side.

2. As with the Findings, the text does not contain any formatting, images or tables. Return to the submission in the dropbox to view original document.

3. Click on the submitted text to view more detailed information on the matching text. This view will show you;

  • Submitted Document column; which lists the matching text as it appears on the submitted document.
  • Matching text column; which highlights the matching text.
  • Alternative sources- Lists other sources where the matching text can be found.

view entire document

Highlight colours:

  • Blue = text in brackets
  • Grey = text in quotes
  • Red = missing in the submitted text
  • Yellow = matched text

4. Select the Options (1), to toggle on or off Brackets, Text differences and Quotes.

select report options


Download the report

You are able to download the originality report from Urkund by Ouriginal which may assist in discussions with students or for using with investigations.

Select the downloads icon (1) from the top of the report.

download the report

After you click on that icon, the report will automatically download to your computer where you are able to view the overview page and the entire report page by page.

pdf report 


Further Support

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