Use these strategies to make your content more accessible

Accessibility Score - This HTML Has No Language Set 

Within every VU Collaborate unit space an accessibilty score out of 100% will appear beside any uploaded content, with 100% signifying a perfect accessibility score for students. In some cases a unit space will not achieve a perfect accessibility score due to the following message appearing: This HTML file has no language set.This guide will cover the steps required to address this issue and to improve the accessibility score within your unit. For more information regarding accessibility, please read this guide: Accessibility.

It is vital to note that only copyright free materials such as creative commons licensed materials, OER or VU owned materials are uploaded. Check copyright terms and conditions before uploading anything, especially PDF files retrieved from VU licensed databases as there is an increased risk of copyright infringements occurring. For further support and information on your copyright responsibilities read through the Copyright for teaching at VU or Copyright on VU Collaborate Help Guide.

Students will not be able to view the accessibility score. 

1. Log into your VU Collaborate unit space and select the Learning Space

Select Learning Space

2. From the Learning Space you can view the accessibility score for specific content by clicking on the accessibility score icon. If the score is less than 100%, a message will appear identifying the issue and in some cases will also list the actions required to enhace the accessibility score. Select the All issues button for a more detailed report. 

Select Accessibility Score Icon for Score and Further Information 

Language Set is Missing 

3. To ensure your HTML file has a language set, you will need to select the drop-down arrow for that particular module and select Edit HTML

Select Drop down Arrow and Select Edit HTML

4. This will open up to the edit mode for the module. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the HTML Source Editor icon located on the right-hand side.

Select the HTML Source Editor IconJPG

5. Insert the following code: <html lang=”en”> under the first line.  

Insert the Language Set Code into the HTML Source Editor

6. Scroll to the bottom of the HTML Source Editor and select Save

Select Save to Save Title Code

7. This will bring you back to the main edit screen of the module. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Save and Close to see the changes implemented. 

8. Refresh the page and allow a few minutes for the accessibility score to be updated. If no further actions are required within that particular module, then the following message may appear. 

Refresh the Page and View the Updated Score

For more information regarding making your unit space more accessible within VU, please see this guide: Making Your VU Collaborate Space More Accessible

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