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Create The Chase with H5P

Create engaging live quiz competitions

Run your H5P content in competition mode. 
Build your quiz with a range of content and quiz types, then select to run in a limited set time or unlimited self-paced.


Below are the steps for creating a Chase with H5P

Select The Chase H5P type

Getting started

In your learning space, go to the module you want to display The Chase.
Click New, then select New Document from the drop-down menu.

Screenshot showing the new button, and selecting new document from the dropdown menu

Give your page (1) a title, then (2) select insert stuff from the HTML editor toolbar.

insert stuff button Insert Stuff

html editor 3

From the Insert Stuff window, click H5P Learning Object.

Screenshot showing the insert stuff h5p option from the dropdown menu

Then click Add Content.

Screenshot of the add content button

Select The Chase 

Search or scroll to find The Chase, then click the Details button to learn more.

Screenshot of search box to find the chase

In the details view, you can read about the chase and view sample pages.

the chase overview desc

Click Use to select.

the use button

Create your chase 

Select a title and task description

Enter a title, this will be used for locating and reports for your H5P (Icebreaker – The chase).
Then enter a description, this will be displayed on the first page of your H5P (The Chase).

Screenshot of the title and task description fields

Create your question pages

You will create a number of pages for your users to progress through, with one or more content items (text, images, video or questions) per page.

The types of content you can add are as follows:

  • Display content: Text, image, accordion, image slider, video and image hot spot.
  • Questions: multiple choice, drag and drop, drag the words, fill in the blanks, mark the words and true/false questions.
  • Note: Drag and drop, drag the words and image hotspot do not work so well in mobile

page content

Create the first question page

On your first page select a content item from the dropdown list.
In this example, we will select a True/False question.

Screenshot of the question type True/False selected

Enter a title, this name will be displayed in reports.

TF title

Expand Media, to optionally select an image or video to be displayed before your question.
In this example, we will not add an image or video.

TF media

Enter your question, this will be displayed to users.

Screenshot of the question text input field

Select if the correct answer is True or False

Screenshot of the correct answer selection, true or false

Expand the Behavioural settings to display additional settings including providing feedback.
In this example, we will keep the default settings.

Screenshot of the True/False behaviour setting options

We have now created our first question.

To add additional content (text, image, video or questions) on the same page, click Add Content, and repeat the same steps above.

add content btn

To progress the user to a new page, click ADD PAGE, then repeat the same steps above.

add new page

Review the Settings

When you have finished creating your questions review the general settings for your The Chase H5P.

Choose if you want to allow presenters to enable Music. Then select the Theme background colour.

Screenshot of the music and Theme background selection drop-down options

Review the other setting, in this example, we will keep all the default settings.


Save and Insert

Click Save and Insert

save and insert btn

Review your H5P, then click Insert.

Screenshot of the insert stuff window, to review, and select insert

Then, click Save and Close, to display your H5P on your VU Collaborate page.

save and close button

Preview and practice presenting your chase

Enter preview to view presenter and student view side-by-side. In this view, you can review your creation and practice presenting your chase.

To get started click side-by-side preview.

side by side preview button

1: When students enter The Chase, they can select an avatar and nickname.

Starting screen, students select an avatar and nickname, presenter can set timelimit

2. Then click enter to join.

After selecting an avatar and nickname, student click enter game

3. As the presenter, wait for all your participants to enter the game. You can tell how many have entered by watching the Players number increase. While waiting set the game duration (time-limited or unlimited self-paced) and optionally select to play music.

When ready click Start game.

When ready click enter to start the game

4. As students play the quiz you will see their progress in the presenter view leaderboard.

preview 4 b

5. When the time runs out, the winners will be displayed on the podium.

Winer are presented on the podium

6. To run the game again select reset the game from the game options drop-down list.

Reset the game from the game options drop-down list


How to create H5P Game Code and access it from your devices

An H5P Game Code is a unique 7 digits code that allows participants to access H5P activity (The Chase, Word Cloud, Multi-poll and Emoji Cloud) directly from their devices, without signing in or accessing VU Collaborate space.

How to enable Game Code on H5P activity?

By default, H5P activity will be set as Protected and only available to the owner and the collaborators. To enable the Game Code feature, your H5P activity must be Public

Follow one of the methods below to modify the settings:

Method 1: In your editing mode, scroll down to the bottom and click on Publish tab, then select Public.

1.1 publish the chase from editing mode

Method 2: From your view mode, click on the More Options (three dots button) on the top right, then select Publish.

1.2 publish the chase from more option tab

Tick on the Public option, then select Update to apply the changes.

1.3 publishing the content

Where can I find an H5P Game Code?

Once you have created your activity, you can find the game code located at the top of the activity. 

You would need to have the owner or H5P collaborator access to see the game code. If you cannot locate the game code, or don't have access to your teaching H5P activities, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

1 locate the Chase

How can my students access the H5P activity using Game Code?

1. The students can simply navigate to go.h5p.com from their laptop or mobile browsers. 

2. Enter the provided code from the teacher (7 digits with no space) in the Game Code field, then click Enter.

 3 enter code

3. This will take them straight to the activity page. 

 4 the chase from mobile



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