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Associating Learning Objectives to Assessment Dropboxes

In VU Collaborate, it is possible to associate learning objectives to a range of items, including assessment dropboxes, quizzes, discussions and grades. This tool can assist both you and your students with the marking and learning criteria for an assessment. Furthermore, you can track each student's progress and ensure that they are meeting the learning objectives for this unit.

The guide below will assist you with associating learning objectives to an Assessment Dropbox. This is the same for adding learning objectives onto quizzes, discussions and grades. To learn how to create learning objectives, view this guide on Creating Learning Objectives and Competencies.

Here are the steps to Associating Learning Objectives to Assessment Dropboxes:


Step One: Access and Edit Assessment Dropbox

1. Access your unit space, select Assessments on the navbar and then Dropbox in the dropdown menu.

Access to Dropbox 

2. Click on the dropdown arrow next to the Assessment Dropbox to which you would like to add the learning objective tool, then click on the Edit Folder option.

Access Dropbox folder

3. In your dropbox settings, expand the Evaluation and Feedback section on the right side of your screen.

Expand evaluation and feedback

Then select the Manage Learning Objectives option.

Select manage learning objectives

4. In your Objectives window, click Associate Learning Objectives.

In objectives window select associate learning objectives

5. Select the learning objectives you wish to associate with the assessment, then select Add Selected.

Select the Learning Objectives

6. A learning objective ( Sandpit 2: Understanding how to initiate and develop new ideas ) has been associated with this example. From here, you can follow the steps below to add an assessment to learning objectives.

Select the Learning Objectives 3


Step Two: To Assess Learning Objectives on an Assessment Dropbox

1. Select the dropdown menu next to the learning objective and click Add Assessment.

Add Assessment into learning objective 

2. In the Add Assessment screen, attach a rubric by clicking on Select Rubric

If you have not created a rubric but would like to, view these guides on Creating a Holistic Rubric or Creating an Analytic Rubric.

Add Assessment select rubric

3. Select the rubric that you would like to attach to the learning objectives and click Save.

Add Assessment select rubric 2

After a rubric is selected, you can also choose and modify additional options below:

  • Criteria: this option will let you select criteria that reflect on the learning objectives. It can be either an Overall Rubric Score or a single criterion.
  • If The activity is required to complete learning objective is ticked, the Threshold dropdown menu appears and let you select a minimum score for the criteria.

Once completing the settings, select Save to apply changes.

Add Assessment select rubric 3

4. Check if your assessment is set up correctly and click Close.

Select the Learning Objectives 2

5. Click Save and Close in your Assessment Dropbox to save the settings.

Dropbox Save and Close 

Marking assessment with the attached Learning Objectives should be the same as marking in a normal dropbox. For information on evaluation assessments, refer to Marking Assignments in the Dropbox.

Below is an example of what students receive when their assessment meets the learning objectives requirements.

Associated Learning Objectives student views


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