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Creating an H5P Interactive Book 

The H5P Interactive Book is a great way to create small courses, books, or tests within VU Collaborate. Creators have the option to combine multiple interactive contents such as videos, course presentations, quiz questions, and much more across multiple pages. A summary page at the end of the book provides the students with a snapshot of their progress throughout the Interactive Book. The creators or collaborators can also generate a summary report that provides information regarding who has accessed the activity within VU Collaborate.

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See the exampleinteractive book icon Interactive Book 

interactive book example


Step One: Selecting Interactive Book H5P type

To access H5P either from VU Collaborate space or the H5P dashboard, refer toIntroduction to H5P

1. Once you access to H5P dashboard, follow the steps below to create Interactive Book activity.

2. In the H5P tool, click Add Content.

Screenshot of the add content button

3. Type in "Interactive Book" in the search bar for Content Type (a) and the H5P type should appear in the dropdown menu (b).

interactive book search 


Step Two: Creating your Interactive Book

1. Enter a title for the Interactive Book. This is a mandatory step as your title is used for searching, reports, and copyright information. 

2 (Optional). Select Enable book cover to add a cover page to your book which you can include a short description & image for the students regarding the topic. 

ib enter titles cover page


3. The next step is to add content and pages to your book.

  • (a) Pages column located on your left-hand side: this is used to manage and add multiple book pages, chapters, or topics (if applicable).
  • (b) List of Column Content: to add and manage contents within a book page.

ib overview page vs column

4. Entering the Title for each page to demonstrate each topic/chapter. The title name will later appear in the Pages column.

ib enter title of page

For example, you can have a book page called 'Strawberries' (a) which is used to list all contents related to Strawberries topic. Within the topic page, you can have multiple contents such as images, texts, and interactive elements (b).

ib strawberries topic page


2.1. Creating content within a page

1. Select Content from the dropdown list that you would like to create from the list of H5Ps.

For more information on how to add and edit the different H5P contents, please refer to the guides below: H5P - Tutorials for authors

ib content selecting

2. Once you have selected a content type, you will be prompted to fill in the necessary descriptions and materials.

For example, if you select the Video type then it is required to provide a title in the text field and video source. 

ib adding a video content

3. Once all the relevant information has been completed, select ADD CONTENT to add other content types to the current page.

ib add content button 

4 (Optional). In case, you change your mind, you can remove/delete any content type within the Interactive Book by selecting the X icon on top of the right-hand corner. 

ib remove a content

2.2. Adding a new page

To add a new page, select Add Page button under the Pages column.

ib add new page

To reorder the pages, you can either:

Option 1: Order the page up & down using the button

You can find the page order buttons next to the page name. Click on the top arrow to move the page up, while the down arrow is for moving the page down.

ib pages reodering

Option 2: Drag and drop to reorder a page

Another method is simply to hold the page tile and drag them to where you want it to be.

ib pages reodering drag


Optional: Behavioural settings for Interactive Book

Using behaviroual settings to customise the look & feel and functionality of your interactive book.

1. To access the settings, scroll down to the bottom of the content and expand the Behavioural settings tile.

ib expand behavioural settings

2. Base color: set the theme color for your interactive book. To change the default colour, select the colour tile (a).

ib opt base colour settings

3. By default, these options will be ticked. You can always untick these options to suit your needs.

  • (a) Display table of contents as default: to display a table of contents when opening the book.
  • (b) Display Progress Indicators: to mark if the student has viewed or completed the activities within a page.
    • A filled dot indicates the page has been completed, while an empty dot is for incompleted.

ib table of contents progress


Save and Preview

1. Once completed, select Save to apply the changes to your interactive book.

4.3 save button

 2. A preview of how others will view the Interactive Book will appear. Take this opportunity to go through the Interactive Book to make any final edits.

ib book preview

Next steps:

To insert the H5P WordCloud into the VU Collaborate unit space, refer to
 Inserting an H5P in VU Collaborate.

To know more about Sharing and Collaborators, please see H5P Sharing and Collaboration.


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