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H5P Interactive Book 

The H5P Interactive Book is a great way to create small courses, books or tests within VU Collaborate. Authors have the option to combine multiple interactive content such as videos, course presentations, quiz questions and much more across multiple pages. A summary page at the end of the book provides the learner with a snapshot of their progress throughout the Interactive Book. The author can also generate a summary report that provides information regarding who has accessed the tool within VU Collaborate.   

 Below are the steps to use the H5P Interactive Book:

Step One: Getting Started 

1. Log into VU Collaborate and navigate to the Learning Space

Log in to VU Collaborate and Select Learning Space

2. Locate which module you would like to insert the Interactive Book and select New and from the list of options select New Document

New Document Within the Learning Space


3. Click on the Insert Stuff icon.

Select insert stuff  

4. From the list of options, select the H5P Learning Object. For more information on how to find and create H5P Learning Objects in your space, please see Inserting H5P in VU Collaborate

H5P Learning Tool Select from List of Options  

5. In the H5P Learning Object menu that appears, select Add Content.

Add Content Select from the H5P Learning Object MenuJPG 

6. In the search field, type Interactive Book and then click on the magnify glass to produce a search. The Interactive Book should appear as a search result. Click on the title that appears to start building your interactive book or click on Details to view a tutorial or example of an Interactive Book. 

Type Interactive Book in the Search Field and Select Detailsjpg

7. If you selected to see Details, you can then select Use to begin the creation process.

Create Interactive Book by Selecting Use


Step Two: Using the H5P Interactive Book

1. Insert a title for the Interactive Book. This is a mandatory step as your title is used for searching, reports, and copyright information. 

Title the Interactive Book

2. Select Enable book cover to add a cover to the Interactive Book which you can also use to write a short description for the users. 

Enable Book Cover

3. Click on Cover Page to open further settings. Write a short description in the text field provided under Cover description. Select Cover Image to add an optional background image for the introduction. If you do select an image, please provide alternative text in the text field located under Cover image alternative text

Cover Book Description TextJPG

This is how the cover page appears to the users: 

Cover Book View to UsersJPG

4. The next option is to add a column. Columns are the online version of chapters for the Interactive Book. To begin, you will need to provide a title for the column in the text field located under Title. You will see on the far left hand-side the title will appear as a chapter title located under Pages

Column Chapter Title 

5. Select the dropdown located under Content and click on the H5P you would like to create from the list of H5P's that are appear. 

List of H5Ps to Add to the Interactive Book

For more information on how to add and edit the different H5P contents, please refer to the guides below: 

H5P Accordion Tool
H5P Agamotto Tool
H5P Audio Tool
H5P Collage Tool
H5P Course Presentation
H5P Dialogue Cards
H5P Essay Tool
H5P Fill in the Blanks Tool
H5P Guess the Answer Tool
H5P Image Hotspot Tool 
H5P Interactive Video Tool
H5P Mark the Words Tool 
H5P Multiple Choice Question Tool
H5P Question Set Tool 
H5P Summary Tool
H5P Timeline Tool

6. Once you have selected the H5P, you will be prompted to fill in the necessary descriptions. For example, if you select the Course Presentation H5P then it is recommended to provide a title in the text field, prior to building the H5P. 

Course Presentation H5P Example

Click on the Course Presentation H5P tool for more information. 

7. Once all the relevant information has been completed, click on ADD CONTENT to select a different H5P to add to the column. If you would like to create a new column, select ADD PAGE

Add Content or Add Page option

8. The Text H5P tool can be added if you would like to add a description or a message relating to the H5P's. 

Text H5P as Option

9. Add and format your text in the text field section to add to the Interactive Book. 

Text Example

10. You can remove/delete any H5P within the Interactive Book by clicking on the X on top of the right-hand corner. 

Delete an H5P within the Interactive BookJPG


2.1 Inserting a Previously Created H5P into the Interactive Book 

The Interactive Book also allows creators the opportunity to copy and paste previously created H5P's into the Interactive Book. If you have created an H5P and would like to add this to the Interactive Book, then you can do so by following these steps:

1. Select Save to save your progress from the Interactive Book.

2.1 Save Interactive Book 2

2. Once the document has saved successfully, you will need to select My Content

2.1 My Content

3. A list of all your previously created H5P's should now appear. Locate the specific H5P you would like added to the Interactive Book, and select the three dots for that particular H5P. From the list of options select Edit

Locate H5P to add to Column Tool and Select Edit

4. The H5P settings page for that H5P should now appear. Select the Copy option. 

Make a Copy of the H5Ppng

5. Once it has been copied, select the top right-hand side option of Cancel. A pop-up will appear stating changes will not be saved, select Leave

Cancel and Confirm Leavejpg

6. Locate the Interactive Book amongst your list of H5P's. Once you locate the Interactive Book, scroll to the right hand-side and click on the three black dots and select Edit.

2.1 Head Back into Interactive Book Select Edit

7. Once inside the edit page of the Interactive Book, select which column you would like to add the H5P and scroll down to select the Add Content button. A new content option will appear, select Paste

2.1 Add Content

2.1 Paste H5P into Interactive Book

8. The H5P should now appear within the Column Tool and will have the words "Clone of" appear at the start of the title - indicating that this is a cloned/copied version.

Any edits/changes made to the cloned/copied version of the H5P within the Interactive Book will not affect the original version that resides under My Content

2.1 Cloned Version of the H5P IB


Step Three: General H5P Settings

Once you are satisfied with the layout of your Interactive Book, you can adjust the settings of the H5P by selecting the options located at the bottom of the Interactive Book's screen (you can leave these settings by default or you can make alterations):

General H5P Settings Options

1 - Display Options: (previously 'Display and Copyright Buttons') What options do you want to be visible for the user, for example, you can tick the Allow users to download the content to enable students/staff to download the H5P to their own computer. You can also tick the Display Embed Button, which allows the user to embed the H5P into their HTML editor in VU Collaborate for example. 

2 - Publish: This option allows you to make the H5P Unpublished (content cannot be inserted into VUC), Protected (content can be inserted into VUC) or Public (content is visible to the public using a content link and can be embedded into the LMS). Protected is the default setting and is the recommended option. 

3 - Folder: (previously 'My Content') All your content will be saved in one location, within a root folder. 

4 - Collaborators: (previously 'Authors') In this setting you can add and search for other collaborators and provide them access to edit your H5P's. For example, if you are teaching a unit with another staff members and you would like them to have access to edit your H5P's, then you can use the search field to locate the staff member by typing in their full name. 

5 - Sharing: (previously called 'Select Value') This is where you share your H5P with others, so they can view and clone your content. There is a folder allocated for each college, for example, 'Arts and Education', select your college. 

To learn more about Sharing and Collaborators, please see H5P Sharing and Collaboration

6 - LTI Settings: Choose when to send scores to the LMS (previously 'Send to Gradebook') In this section you can link your H5P directly to VU Collaborate and the gradebook. It is recommended to leave this setting as it is, and NOT send the results to the gradebook. 

After adjusting your H5P object, click on Save

Save General H5P Settings


Step Four: Preview and Publish

1. A preview of how others will view the Interactive Book will appear. Take this opportunity to go through the Interactive Book to make any final edits, and once you are happy with the outcome, select Insert

Insert Interactive Book into VU Collaborate

2. A final preview of how the Interactive Book will appear. Confirm once more that the tool is ready to be embedded into VU Collaborate by selecting Insert

Final Preview of Interactive BookJPG

3. The Interactive Book will appear as follows within the Learning Space. Select Save and Close

Final Save and Close inside VU CollaborateJPG

If at any stage you would like to edit the Interactive Book, simply locate it within the Learning Space inside VU Collaborate and select Edit

Edit Interactive BookJPG


Step Five: Accessing Reports

Once users have interacted with the tool, a progress report is collected. To access this report, please follow these insturctions:

Users must ensure they click 'Submit Report' on the final summary report page. Failure to do so, will result in their data not being collected and may appear to the author as though the user has not yet accessed the tool. 

1. Click on the Reports option. 

Report Option

2. The following report will appear indicating the following:

User - List of all the users and the email address used to access the tool.

Attempts - How many times the user accessed the tool and submitted their report. 

Score - This will indicate the users First ScoreLast Score and Best Score

Reports Explained

3. If you would like to search for a particular users progress, you can do so by typing their name in the search field. Click on the magnify glass to conduct the search. Or alternatively, you can click on a users name that you see listed. 

Reports Explained Part 2

4. If a user has accessed the tool multiple times, then a list of all their attempts, duration time and score for each occasion will be listed.  

Multiple Attempts Progress Report

The scores relate to any values you have associated with any activities within the Interactive Book. For example: multiple choice questions. 

A users view of their summary report is slightly different, indicating their Total score, Book progress and Interactions progress. 

Students View Progress Report


Step Six: Deleting an H5P within VU Collaborate

There are two main options to deleting an H5P from within VU Collaborate: 

  1. Delete a topic containing only an H5P - this option is used when the topic contains only the H5P and no other content information. 
  2. Delete an H5P within a topic that contains other content - this option is used when the author would like to delete an H5P from within a topic, however, has other content that they would like to keep within that topic folder. 

6.1 Delete a topic containing only an H5P

1. Locate the Interactive Book within the Learning Space, click the dropdown arrow besides the title. From the list of options select Delete Topic.

Delete Module via Topic

2. To permanently delete the module, select the second option. Confirm the deletion of the topic by selecting Delete

Permanently Delete Associated Files

6.2 Delete an H5P within a topic that contains other content 

1. To delete the Interactive Book within the topic, click the dropdown arrow besides the title. From the list of options select Edit HTML

Edit HTML 

2. Highlight the H5P Interactive Book (a blue outline surrounding the Interactive Book will appear) and simply click Delete or Backspace on the keyboard. 

Blue Highlight Interactive Book

3. Once the Interactive Book has disappeared, select Save and Close. This will only delete the H5P, the rest of the content will remain inside the topic. 

Deleted H5P Save and CloseJPG

Further Support

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