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Granting Student Extensions in Assessment Dropbox Folders

When students received special consideration for an assessment, changes may need to be made to allow for an extension date.
This guide shows you how to modify an Assessment Dropbox to extend the submission time for one or more students, while the details for the rest of the class remain the same.

Managing special access can only be done by a Block Convenor or Block Instructor in the Delivery Space

 Below are steps to extend the submission time for one or more students:


Step One: Access the Assessment Dropbox

1. In your VU Collaborate space from the navbar, select Assessments then Dropbox.

Edit Assessment Dropbox 1

2. From the assessment dropbox options menu (1), select Edit Folder (2).

Edit Assessment Dropbox 2

In the Assessment dropbox folder, expand Availability Dates & Conditions, to view the Availability DatesRelease Conditions and Special Access

Edit Assessment Dropbox 3

Step Two: Manage Special Access

1. Under the Availablity Dates and Conditions, click Manage Special Access.

Edit Assessment Dropbox 4

2. Check that Allow users with special access to submit files outside the normal availability dates for this folder is selected.
3. Then click Add Users to Special Access.

Edit Assessment Dropbox 5

Step Three: Select extension dates

4. Adjust the dates under the Properties for the extension.
NOTE If only the Due Date has been set for the Assignment, only the Due Date needs to be selected for the extention.

  • Due Date: Anything submitted after this date will be flagged as Late.
  • Start Date: This is the date from which students can submit.
  • End Date: After this date, students won't be able to access the dropbox. 

Edit Assessment Dropbox 6

Step Four: Select Students

Scroll down to view the list of students in the unit.
Either search and select from all students or filter to search and select from a group.


Option 1: Search and select students from the whole unit

1. Use the search, or scroll to locate students, then click on the checkbox by their name to select.
When complete select Save to confirm the selection. 


Edit Assessment Dropbox 7


Option 2: Filter by group, then select

Filter by a group to select individual students or all students in the group (Allocated Plus class groups or manually created groups)

1. From View By (1) select Groups (2), then click Apply (3). 

Edit Assessment Dropbox 8

2. From the drop-down list select the required group and then click Apply.

Edit Assessment Dropbox 9

4. Select individual students, or select the top checkbox to pick all the students in the group.
When complete select Save to confirm the selection. 

Edit Assessment Dropbox 10

Review, save and close

Review the selected students then select Save and Close.

Edit Assessment Dropbox 11



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