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Using Zoom App for Android

This guide will show you how to download and use the Zoom application. You may use the Zoom app on either an Android or iOS device if a laptop or a desktop is not accessible.  

This guide covers the following topics, use these links for easier navigation:


 All virtual classrooms need to be scheduled in VU Collaborate so students can access the sessions in the Delivery space. Android and iOS applications do not sync with the Zoom Classroom space in VU Collaborate.  


Download Zoom App on Android

 1. Download the Zoom Android app, by visiting the Google Play Store.  

Google App Store

You can download this app to any android device, the application will sync with individual devices, not VU Collaborate.

2. Search for the Zoom app using the search in the toolbar of the Google Play Store.

3. Then select the Zoom Cloud Meetings app by clicking on the icon highlighted.

Zoom App

4. Once you have selected the app as above you will be able to install the application.

5. Select Install.

Download Zoom APP Search

6. Once the app is installed, it will appear as the following icon on your device screen.

Zoom icon Android

7. When you need to access Zoom from your device you simply select this icon.

8. You have now successfully downloaded the Zoom App to your android device.


Log into Zoom App using Your Staff Account

 1. Select the Zoom app on the screen of your android device.

Zoom icon Android

2. Once you have selected the Zoom app on your device the below will appear.

To sign in simply click on the sign-in button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.  

ZoomSSO Log in

4. You will then need to select how you are going to access your staff account.  For your staff account, you will need to choose SSO login.

Zoom SSO Signin

5. Once you have chosen SSO login you will be prompted to enter the company domain.

The company domain should be entered as victoriauniversity. Then, select Continue.

On subsequent login, via the Zoom app, you will not be required to re-enter the domain. The app will remember this for you.  

Zoom Company domain

8. You will then be moved to the below authentication screen.  Please enter your staff login details for VU Collaborate (eNumber and usual password).

Login with credentials page

9. If the below screen appears you have successfully login to the Zoom app via your android device.



Meet and Chat on Zoom App

The Zoom app enables you to communicate with colleagues and students by using the Chat Function even if you are not participating in a virtual classroom.

 1. Click Meet & Chat at the bottom left of the Zoom app home screen.

Zoom MeetingandChat Screen

2. Click on the top-right corner of the screen.

Zoom Chat Search

3. Type in the search bar the person you would like to communicate with or browse through the list.

You may choose multiple people to chat with.

4. If you choose to chat with multiple people, this will create a chat channel that will appear on the Meet & Chat page and the Contacts page.

 Zoom Search for participants StartChat

 Zoom Chat Setting up Channels

Setting a chat channel in the Zoom app with colleagues is a good way to send instant messages for support to each other.

During a virtual Zoom session, you may check who is participating in the classroom and communicate with them through the following steps: 

1. Click Participants at the bottom right of the Zoom App home screen.

You will see a page with all the present virtual classroom participants. 

 Zoom Toolbar In Meeting

2. Click Chats at the bottom left of the page.

Zoom Chat Option

3. Type your message and click send.

As a default setting Zoom will not allow chat options for your students for a private chat with peers during the virtual classroom. They will only be able to contribute to the Everyone chat feature with all participants for educational purposes. This feature is designed so students can ask questions and clarify any content in the Virtual Classroom.

4. As a teacher/host you can send chat messages to students during the virtual classroom time if required and they can return the chat to you or post it to all participants.  

5. You can do this by searching for and selecting the student/s. As the Host, you can also send a chat using the Everyone option.

Zoom Chat


Join a Meeting on Zoom App

You may receive an email from colleagues or students inviting you to participate in an online meeting. The email should include the following: 

  • A meeting ID
  • A password (required as default)
  • An invitation link

Follow the below steps to log in to the Zoom app with your student account:

1.  Open the sent email with your mobile device which has the Zoom app.

2.  Click on the invitation link and you will be able to use the Zoom app.

 If the link does not work, follow the below steps:

3.  Copy the meeting ID from the Zoom invitation email.

4.  Open Zoom App.

5.  Click Meet &Chat at the bottom left of the screen.

 Zoom MeetingandChat Screen

6. Click Join at the top of the window.

Zoom Join meeting icon

7. Type in the meeting ID and click Join Meeting.

Zoom join meeting screen


Start and Schedule a Meeting on Zoom App 

 You may schedule your meeting between colleagues or students to communicate and discuss your progress and ask inquiries.

1. Click Meet & Chat at the bottom left of the Zoom app home screen.

Zoom MeetingandChat Screen

2. Click Schedule at the top right window.

Zoom Scheduling meetings

3. Add your topic Title.

This is optional but we recommend that you name a meeting so they are easily identifiable to you and the participants.  

4. Set the date and time for the meetings.

5. You may enable Repeat to set a recurring meeting. 

6. Set a password to make the meeting secure.

For security reasons, password protection is set by default in Zoom.

7. Click Done when you finish setting the meeting.

Zoom Scheduling a Meeting

8. Click Add Invitees.

9. Choose which mailing address you want to send to other people.

10. Click Add to Calendar to save your meeting.

11. Saving meetings to your calendar makes it easy for you and participants to remember the date and time.

Zoom Add Invite Participants

You may start a meeting immediately by:

12. Selecting Meet & Chat at the bottom left of the Zoom App home screen.

Zoom MeetingandChat Screen

13. Click New Meeting at the top left window.

Zoom Start NewMeeting

14. Click Start a Meeting.

Zoom Start a meeting screen

15. You may invite other participants by clicking Participants at the bottom of the screen and clicking Invite at the bottom of the screen.

Zoom Toolbar In Meeting

Zoom Invite Participant

 All virtual classrooms need to be scheduled in VU Collaborate so students can access the sessions in the Delivery space. Android and iOS applications do not sync with the Zoom Classroom space in VU Collaborate.  


Further Support

Visit the VU Collaborate Help site at for up to date information and resources on blended learning or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Contact ITS Service Desk on (03) 9919 2777 or via self-service for further technical support.


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