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Using Zoom App for iOS

This guide will show you how to download and use the Zoom application using an Apple product such as an iPhone or iPad. You may use the Zoom app on either an iOS or Android device if a laptop or a desktop is not accessible.  


This guide covers the following topics; use these links for more straightforward navigation:

Academic staff should schedule their virtual classrooms in VU Collaborate so that students can see the sessions in the Delivery space. Android and iOS applications do not sync with the Zoom Classroom space in VU Collaborate.  Professional staff can use these applications to schedule meetings as required as long as they are no requirements for students to access the meeting in VU Collaborate.


Download Zoom App on iOS

Getting Started

1. Download the Zoom iOS app by visiting the Apple App Store.  

Open the App Store on your device

You can download this app to any iOS device. The application will sync with individual devices, not VU Collaborate.

2. Search for the Zoom app using the search bar in the Apple Store.

3. Then, select the Zoom Cloud Meetings app.

Search Zoom on the app store

4. Once you have selected the app, install the application. Select GET.

Search for Zoom and select GET

5. Once the app is installed, it will appear as the following icon on your device screen.

iOS Appicon

6. Select the above icon when you need to access Zoom from your device.


Log into Zoom App using Your Staff Account

1. Select the Zoom App on the screen of your iOS device.

iOS Appicon

2. To sign in, click on the Sign In button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. 

Select Sign In

3. You will need to select Sign in with SSO to log into your staff account.

Select Sign In with SSO to access Staff Account

4. Once you have chosen the SSO login, you will be prompted to enter the company domain.

5. The company domain should be entered as victoriauniversity. Then select Continue.

On subsequent login via the Zoom app, you will not be required to re-enter the domain. Instead, the app will remember this for you.  

Zoom iOS Companydomain

6. You will then be moved to the below authentication screen. Please enter your staff login details for VU Collaborate ( eNumber and password ).

Please refer to the Zoom Essentials Help Guide, Accessing Zoom step 2.1, to learn how to correctly log into your VU Zoom Staff Account with Multifactor Authentication (MFA).

Log into VU with your Staff ID and Password then select Login

7. If the below screen appears, you have successfully logged in to the Zoom App via your device.

Once logged in you will be placed within the Meetings Chat page


Meet and Chat on Zoom App

3.1 Creating a Group Chat on Zoom

The Zoom app lets you communicate with your colleagues and students by using the Chat Function even if you are not participating in a virtual session.

1. Click Meet & Chat at the bottom left of the Zoom app home screen if you are not on the main page.

2. Then select the Edit button on the top-right corner of the screen.

Select Meet Chat and then the Edit button on the top right

3. Type in the search bar to search for people you would like to communicate with or browse through your friends' list and select individuals you wish to add.

4. Select OK to finalise your selection.

You may choose multiple people to chat with.

Either search for who you wish to talk to or tick their names then select OK

5. If you choose to chat with multiple people, this will create a group chat channel that will appear on the Meet & Chat page and the Contacts page.

6. Head back onto the Meet & Chat page. You will then find the Group Chat you created within the selected chats available. Select it to begin chatting with your chosen colleagues, students or friends.

Select your Group Chat to begin messaging

7. You can now chat with your added individuals within your private Group Chat.

Send a message

Setting a chat channel in the Zoom app with colleagues is an excellent way to send instant messages for support to each other.


3.2 Deleting a Group Chat or a Chat on Zoom

If your Group Chat was only temporary and you wish to close it down, follow these steps.

Only Admins have the ability to delete entire group chats.

1. Click on the Info button on the top right.

Click the Info button

2. In the About Channel screen, scroll down to the bottom and select More Options.

Scroll down and select More Options

3. Click Delete Channel. The Group Chat will now be deleted for all participants.

Scroll down and select Delete channel


3.3 Chatting with Participants within a Zoom Session

During a virtual Zoom session, you may communicate with all or individual participants.

1. When in a Zoom Session, click More at the bottom right of the Zoom App home screen.

Select More in the Zoom toolbar

2. You will see a page with further options such as virtual reactions ( emojis ) and meeting settings. Here select Chat.

Many options are available select Chat

As a default setting, Zoom will not allow chat options for your students for a private chat with peers during the virtual classroom. They will only be able to contribute to the Everyone chat feature with all participants for educational purposes. This feature is designed so students can ask questions and clarify any content in the Virtual Classroom.

3. As a host, you can send chat messages to students during the virtual classroom time if required, and they can return the chat to you or post it to all participants.  

4. You can do this by searching for and selecting the student/s. As the Host, you can also send a chat using the Everyone option to ensure all participants can view the message.

iOS Chat

When you action a private message or receive a private message, the Everyone option will be replaced while you communicate with the private message. However, if you wish to send all participants messages again, you will need to change the Send to: option to Everyone once more.


Join a Meeting on Zoom App

You may receive an email from your colleagues or students inviting you to participate in an online meeting. The email should include the following:

  • A meeting ID
  • A password (required as default)
  • An invitation link

Zoom Session Invite Email

Follow the below steps to log in to the Zoom app with your student account:

1. Open the sent email with your mobile device, which has the Zoom app.

2. Click on the Invitation link, and you will be able to use the Zoom app.

Select Meeting Invite Link

If the link does not work, follow the below steps:

3. Copy the meeting ID from the Zoom invitation email.

Copy Meeting ID

4. Open Zoom App.

5. Click Meet & Chat at the bottom left of the screen.

Select Meet Chat

6. Click Join at the top of the page.

Select Join

7. Type or Paste in the Meeting ID and click Join Meeting.

Make sure to check that Your Name is correctly spelt and professionally written before entering or starting the Zoom Session.

Add the Meeting ID check your name and select Join


Start and Schedule a Meeting on Zoom App 

 You may schedule your meeting between colleagues or students to communicate and discuss your progress and ask inquiries.

1. Click Meet & Chat at the bottom left of the Zoom app home screen.

Select Meet Chat

2. Click Schedule at the top right window.

Select Schedule

3. Add your topic Title.

This is optional, but we recommend that you name a meeting, so they are easily identifiable to you and the participants.  

4. Set the date and time for the meetings.

5. You may enable Repeat to set a recurring meeting. 

6. Set a password to make the meeting secure.

For security reasons, password protection is set by default in Zoom.

Ensure that Enable Waiting Room and Only Allow Authenticated Users is enabled for extra security and assistance.

7. Click Save when you finish setting the meeting.

Schedule Meeting Settings available

Schedule Meeting Settings available P2

For security reasons, password protection is set by default in Zoom

8. Select Add invitees.

Select the Add invitees button

9. Choose which messaging application you want to use to send the session link to others. Again, we recommend selecting Copy to Clipboard.

Copy to Clipboard

10. You can now paste the copied meeting link within any application such as Email, Messenger, WhatsApp, and other social media sites to share the link with others.

11. When it is time to begin the scheduled session, you can start the Zoom session by selecting Meetings on the bottom toolbar and then select Start on the correct session.

Select Meeting and and Start Meeting

Your meeting will begin just as it would on a computer device. However, we still recommend importing and activating your virtual class sessions on a computer device through VU Collaborate and your Delivery Space to enable students to view and join in from VU Collaborate itself.

12. Copy your Meeting ID from your Meetings selection.

Copy Meeting ID

13. Go to your Delivery Space in VU Collaborate, select Communication on the navbar, and then Zoom Classroom.

 Select Communication in the navbar and then Zoom Classroom

14. On the right-hand side of the page, select the three dots and then Import meeting.

Select the three dots and then Import meeting

15. Paste your Session ID into the criteria box and select Import. 

Your Session will now be available for students to join in by logging into VU Collaborate. You may also start your session here as well.

Paste Session Meeting ID and then select Import

16. Select Start on the correct Session.

Click Start to begin session


5.1 You can also create an Instataniouis Zoom Session

1. Select Meet & Chat at the bottom left of the Zoom App home screen.

Select Meet Chat

2. Click New Meeting at the top left window.

Select New Meeting

3. Click Start a Meeting.

Select Start Meeting

4. Once in a Zoom session, you may invite other participants not initially invited by clicking Participants at the bottom of the screen and clicking Invite at the bottom of the screen.

On the Zoom toolbar select Participants

Select Invite

5. Again, there are many invite options available. We recommend using the Copy Invite Link to paste the link into emails and other forms of sharing information with your students or participants.

Invite Users

 All virtual classrooms need to be scheduled in VU Collaborate so students can access the sessions in the Delivery space. Unfortunately, android and iOS applications do not sync with the Zoom Classroom space in VU Collaborate.  


Further Support

Visit the VU Collaborate Help site at for up to date information and resources on blended learning or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Contact ITS Service Desk on (03) 9919 2777 or via self-service for further technical support.


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