Video Note

Create short, quick and easy videos to embed in your content or feedback.

Using Video Note

Record a short video, anywhere you have the HTML editor and Insert Stuff. Provide activity instructions, brief explanations, or assessment feedback.

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There are many locations you can add a video note, basically anywhere you have access to the HTML editor and insert stuff. To navigate to the HTML editor in VU Collaborate refer to our guides. This guide will show you how to add a note in the HTML editor.

A Video Note can be added wherever the HTML editor is available.


Step One: Record a Video Note

1. Navigate to the location you wish to add your video note.

2. In the HTML editor select Insert Stuff from the tool bar.
Note if the editor window is narrow, you may need to access insert stuff from the other options (+) icon.

video note insert stuff

3. From the Insert Stuff pop-up window, select Video Note.

4. Select Allow on the pop-up notification, to allow VU Collaborate to access your camera and microphone.

video note allow user of camera and microphone

5. Select New Recording, then Stop recording, when complete.

6. Play back the recording, record a New Recording or select Next.

video note new recording 3

7. Enter a TitleDescription, select the Audio Language and tick to select to automatically generate captions from audio.

8. Select Next, then wait for the video to be processed, this may take a minute or two.

video note title and description

Step Two: Place in HTML Editor

1. Select Insert, to place the video note in the HTML editor.

2. Select SaveSave and Close, or Save Draft to confirm changes.

3. When viewing, students can display captions or download the video.

video note view and play



Where can I add video notes?

You can place a video note anywhere you have access to the HTML editor and insert stuff.
Add recordings to document pages, module descriptions, assessment feedback, quiz descriptions and more.

How long can I record a video note?

You can record up to three minutes.




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